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  • Three Rivers Way plus the Cheaha Challenge Ultra

    Three Rivers Way plus the Cheaha Challenge Ultra

    Buckle in folks. This one is going to be long. Some quick background first: Kim Murrell is a well respected mastermind behind a number of bikepacking routes all over the southeast. She coordinates the grand depart for the Three Rivers Way bikepacking race each May. A lot of times this conflicts with the Cheaha Challenge, […]

  • Skyway Epic 2021

    Skyway Epic 2021

    I ended up writing up about the skyway epic just on Strava, so here is a belated copy and paste of the race report … plus a pic of my favorite view in Alabama below. Enjoy! Where to even begin … this was such a great race as always. Super honored to race against the […]

  • Cross Florida ITT – the Spanish All Saints 2020 edition

    Cross Florida ITT – the Spanish All Saints 2020 edition

    Quick summary Distance: 546 mi (including 15 mi ride to start), 1007 mi (including 451 mi ride back to start) Climbing: 8967 ft Time: 2 days, 11 hours, 46 minutes (Mon, 12/7/20 5:24am to Wed, 12/9/20 5:10pm) Speed: Overall average (9.1mph), Moving speed (11.0mph), Total stoppage time (10 hours) Sleep: ZERO – I stopped at […]

  • We ride at midnight, Delta Epic, part “un” and “deux”

    We ride at midnight, Delta Epic, part “un” and “deux”

    Part 1 – There… I love a good ride starting at midnight. Guess what time the Delta Epic starts … midnight! Here’s my not-so-quick-ish recap of the race before getting ready for class this morning… I drove over to the start from Birmingham on Friday after teaching in the morning. Quick, easy drive, and I […]

  • “We ride at midnight” – TNGA and CRAAM 2020

    One of my favorite songs on the Hamilton soundtrack is “Right Hand Man”, which introduces General George Washington. In that song it talks about the long odds the Americans face in revolution and how Washington needs someone to help him organize and strategize, which ends up being Hamilton. There is an off-beat line towards the […]

  • Camp Sumatanga there and back again

    Camp Sumatanga there and back again

    The left picture is my 8 month old daughter Analise at the second 2005 Sumatanga training race. It has been framed on the window sill behind our kitchen sink for close to 15 years. This picture captures perfectly for me what cycling has always been about. The right picture is a similar one of my […]

  • TNGA 2019

    Timer selife at the finish line – second try as I wasn’t quick enough to get back over and sit down the first time. Let’s start at the very end at the Alabama border where the Silver Comet becomes the Chief Ladiga trail if you are heading west, or vice versa if you are heading […]

  • Skyway Epic 2019 and 2018

    2019 skyway 300 finish 2018 skyway 280 finish I just realized I never finished the draft I had started of my race report from 2018. I’ve included that original draft at the end of this post after the 2019 race recap. Here is my finish line picture above that Brent took from both years. The […]

  • Ride4Gabe 2017

    I’m excited to announce that Hope4Gabe is partnering with me to make the Race Across America its kickoff Ride4Gabe event for 2017. It’s only the kickoff, though, because after the race ends, and after we’ve made it back home to Alabama, we’ll also be organizing a ride out of Chelsea on July 1st that you […]

  • 2017 Skyway Epic 200 Mile Race (Report)

    Skyway Epic 2017 – Inaugural 200 Mile Race Podium. Brian Toone (1st), Eddie O’Dea (2nd), Chris Joice (3rd), Justin Shealey (4th), Pete Foret (5th), Josh Lederman (6th) I’ve arranged these pictures from 1st – 6th, but this inaugural edition of the 200 mile version of the Skyway Epic mountain bike race was definitely a race […]