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  • Tour de Cullman 2012

    Carson took this great photo of Boris and me approaching the Skyball KOM for the second time. Saturday marked another great end of the season ride/race/party at the Tour de Cullman. The ride starts out as a motor-cycle led neutral social ride before we hit the start of the 18 mile race portion of the […]

  • Long ride today working over the South Shades Crest ridge line

    Fun ride today – much longer than I had planned – ended up being just under 102 miles with over 12,000 ft of climbing. I wanted to put in some hard efforts, so I put in a few KOM efforts. Ironically, the one I wanted most I completely missed (i.e., I rode up the wrong […]

  • Out west – day 8 – Mount Lemmon

    Today was another highlight day as I had the opportunity to drive down to Tucson and climb Mt Lemmon. I knew that I had no shot at getting the KOM on the short version of the climb after riding 104.5 miles yesterday and setting a new 25 minute power record taking the South Mountain KOM […]

  • Out west – days 4, 5, 6, 7

    Thursday, Day 4 – sunset adventure with Josiah After a fun hobo dinner over the campfire, Josiah and I set out on a sunset adventure. We took the new trail I found to the Bright Angel lodge and then connected with Hermit Rd, which is open only to shuttles and cyclists. I pushed Josiah up […]

  • Out west – days 1, 2, 3, and 4

    Day 1 – Birmingham to Mt Magazine – 450 miles We arrived an hour or so before sunset after driving well over 400 miles from Birmingham. The kids were excited to go for a bike ride around the state park loop to go see the sunset at Cameron Bluffs – found cool trail connecting the […]

  • Climbing analysis

    Today was a really hard ride … no racing this weekend (sadly) since the Barbers race was cancelled this year. So I did a bit of race simulation by picking out the longest climb in the Birmingham area (Pumphouse – Vestavia Dr) and trying to take back the KOM on it. I also picked out […]

  • Shades Mountain and Red Mountain climbing

    Annotated view of the Big Momma (West Oxmoor Rd) climb Fun, hard ride today. I didn’t have any particular goal in mind other than steady tempo climbing for most of the ride and a KOM attempt on the West Oxmoor Rd climb (Big Momma). Big Momma is a moderately steep climb that starts out really […]

  • Strava shootout, Rapha 500, and Diabolical climbing

    Diabolical double oak climbing profile. Each red box represents a climb/hill of at least 0.25 miles long and average gradient >5%. Each blue box is a downhill at least 0.25 miles long and >5% gradient. Yesterday was the first day of the Rapha 500 challenge (ride 500km Dec 23-31). I’m hoping to knock out all […]

  • Strava KOM shootout

    Scroll to minute 7:30 and watch the Altaloma descent, South Cove KOM climb (at 7:45), Panorama (at 8:06), Renfro Descent (at 8:32), and a second descent down Altaloma (at 8:42). It all started with my teammate Nichole and her husband Paul posting the following comments on my Facebook page – Nichole got right to work […]

  • Tour de Cullman

    What a great way to the end season – with the unique group ride / race / kom / party that is the Tour de Cullman. Carson Glasscock does a great job of organizing this every year and put on another great one this year even after the tornadoes in April knocked over every tree […]