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A very cold adventure

Welcome to Wisconsin - when we made a gas / food stop at the Wisconsin dells at 5 in the morning, the temp had fallen to 12 degF. Eventually it would bottom out at -2 degF.Welcome to Wisconsin – when we made a gas / food stop at the Wisconsin dells at 5 in the morning, the temp had fallen to 12 degF. Eventually it would bottom out at -2 degF.

We are in cold, snowy Wisconsin after twenty hours of driving. The temperature fell from 50s degF in Alabama when we left to -2 degF by the time we arrived in Shell Lake. But the coldest I felt all day was at the end of my six hour ride to Cullman where Kristine was picking me up on our way to Wisconsin. It had started to rain hard at the bottom of Skyball Mountain and never let up in the final 26 miles of the nearly 100 mile route I took from my house to downtown Cullman. When Kristine met me, I was shivering uncontrollably and huddled behind a pillar to block the wind, which had fortunately been mostly a tailwind while I was still riding but immediately sent my core body temp plummeting as soon as I stopped riding.

My day started out early leaving my house shortly after 7AM to put in my Strava Shoot-out KOM effort on Vestavia Dr. After a long week of riding and only one day of rest, I didn’t know how it would go, but I ended up setting a new power record in the process of setting the KOM. I held just under 360 watts for the 11.5 minute climb (see graph below).

Critical power curve new power record on Vestavia Dr

The ride highlight for me, though, was discovering a super steep climb (possibly the steepest in Alabama) back in the Emerald Lakes neighborhood. It’s one of the only times I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it up a climb due to the severity of the gradient. Unfortunately, the GPS data from my Garmin was erased in the monsoon thunderstorm that hit at the bottom of Skyball mountain. The first video below documents one of the steep sections of the Emerald lake backside climb. The second video documents the status of my Garmin after it had unexpectedly powered down. I was able to power it back up, but the GPS data was gone for a majority of the ride.

Despite the GPS fail and the hypothermia at the end, it was still a great ride, and I’m super motivated to repeat the first part of the ride out to Skyball and back as soon as we make it back to Alabama so I can get the data on the Emerald Lakes backside climb. The kids were already skiing around the house this afternoon after we got a little bit of sleep, and they have a 1K kids ski race tomorrow in Spooner. Should be fun!

Goodner Mountain – Trussville exploration

Quick ride report … I was working from home this morning when I got a call from Rocky Ridge that Analise was sick with a fever. Kristine was down in Helena on a long run with Kim so I drove over and picked Analise up. We snuggled on the couch and watched Hugo while we were waiting for Kristine to get home from running and a short day at work. A late start meant that I would be finishing in the dark, but I put my lights on and headed out the door. I found a new climb in the Wimberly neighborhood on the way over to the Cahaba Cycles in Trussville to drop off brake pads for Alan’s dad.

After a quick stop there, I stumbled upon the Trussville mountain bike trails in the baseball, soccer complex off of Cherokee Rd. From there, I was able to make my way back over to Hwy 11 via a hilly neighborhood. A short jaunt on 11 took me over to the Camp Coleman road which is near the headwaters of the Cahaba River … found a new climb up from the river past the camp to the high point of a neighborhood off to the left. After turning around, I headed over towards Goodner Mountain and found a way up that turns it into a Cat 3 climb (starting from Advent Circle) … also, I came back down a different way which would also be a cat 3 climb if done in reverse. I went for the KOM and got it – very nice tailwind up the climb, extremely windy at the top.

Perhaps the highlight of the ride though was exploring the Carrington Pkwy area, asking the security guard nicely to be allowed to cut through to Blackjack Rd and riding through the last unpaved section of road to connect to Blackjack. It started out as hard packed dirt but then turned into a river of mud with several channels to cross. I was fortunate not to have to unclip b/c if I did then my speedplay cleats would have instantly been clogged with mud. The last hour or so was in the dark, but that is great this time of year with all the Christmas lights. Pics and videos below …