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  • Catching up on some epic adventures

    Life has been busy and is about to get busier, but I’ve had some pretty crazy adventures I wanted to blog about. These are ordered below based on when they happened, so you can jump to any specific one with these links: American Flyers | Just a little commute | Grant ups and downs March […]

  • BBL iBike Newton+

    Cahaba river pedestrian bridge behind the ballfields (plus iBike Newton pic) Baseball skills assessment collage … Josiah was scheduled for his tryouts at 2:45 … I rode 102 miles and arrived at exactly 2:42, but he had gone early because it was starting to rain. Fortunately I was able to catch them in the parking […]

  • BBL iBike data and videos

    Fun day today at the BBL. I mainly wanted to put a post up with my iBike data for those of you curious about the iBike. I’ve highlighted the attack zone data below first – along with a video for the Sterrett attack zone and the Vandiver KOM. I forgot to turn the video back […]

  • Tornado anniversary and return of the iBike

    A lot going on in the cockpit … camera, iBike, and Garmin. This is my last week off before the start of the spring semester at Samford, so I wanted to get in at least one more long ride. I’m riding my Scott Addict right now because the Trek is down for the count with […]

  • Dothan Cityfest 2012

    Race summary 17th place after missing the winning break of 8. Kenda, Mountain Khakis, UHC-Georgia, Team Coco’s, and Rosetti brought their top crit riders. Frank Travieso (Team Coco’s) won the race from the breakaway by attacking on the last lap and holding on until the end. Emile Abraham (Rosetti) took the sprint from the rest […]

  • Spring climbing

    After yesterday’s long climbs in Huntsville, today was a different style of climbing – numerous short, steep climbs. Check out the iBike gradient graph: Numerous climbs – click to enlarge and count the changes in gradient from up to down and then post in the comments how many “hills” there are. I don’t have time […]

  • Climbing to the moon

    Annotated ride map (click to enlarge) It’s spring break this week in Alabama, and so my good friend Lennie and I took our families up to Huntsville to the space and rocket center. While they were enjoying exploring all about space, Lennie and I drove on over to Keel Mountain to explore it and Green […]

  • iBike, youBike, weAllBike

    iBike graph for my entire ride – annotated from within iBike (click to enlarge) Happy days are here again as I have remounted my iBike Dash with Power. Props to the good folks at iBike who repaired a broken enclosure bracket on my iBike Dash device and a broken LCD screen on my iBike Gen […]

  • Schlitz Park Criterium – Tour of America’s Dairyland – Day 6

    Strava map highlighting one lap of the race. This has to be one of my all-time favorite criterium courses, although I would not want to race it in the rain. Fortunately for us in the pro men’s field, we dodged the thunderstorms and raced on a completely dry course. This was not the case for […]

  • Greenbush Road Race – Tour of America’s Dairyland – Day 5

    Notice anything missing in this picture??? Answer – my iBike came loose on one section of bumpy road. There was no way to tighten it back up while riding so I had to wait for one of the screws to come completely off. Then I could spin the iBike around to unscrew the other screw. […]