Month: March 2011

  • Tour de Tuscaloosa Race Report

    [youtube] As you might be able to see in the video (no audio – Kristine was screaming so loud she broke the microphone), I couldn’t quite come around Dan Holt (Team Type I) in the sprint after he had such a fast jump when he started the sprint, but it was close, and 2nd […]

  • Tour de Tuscaloosa Crit – Quick Report

    We dodged the rain for the Saturday night crit here in Tuscaloosa, and scored a pair of top 10 finishes on the team. Team Type I had a really strong team here, along with Thomas Brown from Mountain Khakis, a strong Hincapie Development team, and strong riders from Herring Gas, Texas Roadhouse, Marx and Bensdorf, […]

  • Fun climbing commute

    Yesterday, I had to run by the bike shop to fix a problem with my shoe. Thanks Bob’s Bikes for the quick fix!!! Jonathan at Bob’s is the fastest Specialized tension knob replacer on the planet. On my way home, I climbed up and over 12 ridges both large and small. It was a fun […]

  • Birmingham to Mount Cheaha

    Yesterday, I opted out of a race to enjoy a little adventure with my family before spring break was over, and before my race schedule is completely full. We haven’t been to Mount Cheaha in a little while now, so before spring break was over I wanted to see if we could go for a […]

  • Birmingham 10,000 feet revisited

    Strava achievements, 4 personal bests, 3 second bests, and 4 third bests Today, I incorporated one of my favorite climbs into a 10,000 foot climbing route. Rouge Roubaix was a long hard race on Sunday, and I took Monday almost completely off (1.9 mile bike ride with the kids). So I wasn’t sure how my […]

  • Rouge Roubaix 2011 Race Report

    Summary 18th last year, 9th this year, so does that mean I can aim for a top 5 finish next year? No matter what the result though, every person in every category who raced and finished yesterday raced 105 miles through some of the most grueling terrain and roads you can imagine – and all […]

  • More racing and climbing

    Climbing – Cheaha Mini-Challenge On Wednesday, I had an Alabama Academy of Science meeting at Jacksonville State University, which is not too far from the highest point in the state – Mount Cheaha. So, after my morning classes, I drove on over to the foothills just off the interstate and then went for a mini-Cheaha […]

  • Riding and climbing in the North Georgia mountains

    The beautiful view as soon as I arrived at the cabin near Dahlonega. I spent a weekend of riding and racing in the North Georgia mountains. The Southern Cross race was on Saturday morning (awesome race – read my recap here), so I drove up on Friday. More specifically, I biked to work Friday morning, […]