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The folks down at the Mobile Infirmary Medical Center put on a great race yesterday — the Alabama State Criterium Championship. Good crowds too — even with the temps in the 90s. There was a bit of relief from the heat as part of the course went through a parking deck. Rare to find a course like that and still have it be safe, fast. Pretty big finishing hill, too, this course had everything!

I went for a $50 prime on the first lap, but got nipped at the line. My teammate, Darryl Seelhorst, attacked on the next lap and got a good gap with Miro Novak (Alabama Masters) bridging up to him. The two started working together and pulling away when Jan Kolar (Birmingham Bicycle Company) attacked to close the gap. I hopped on his wheel to cover the move and in just a matter of seconds we had caught Darryl and Miro and kept on going. Ryan Boudreaux (Herring Gas) and Jim Brock came across with us, and our break of 4 quickly had a good gap on the field. A few laps into the break, Jim came off the pace on the hill. We worked together well until two laps to go when we decided we would duke it out for the finish. Jan put in the first attack when he saw me and Ryan eyeing each other. Jan got a good jump and I spent about 1/2 a lap chasing him down. Once I caught him, I wasn’t sure what to do, but at that moment Ryan attacked with about 1/2 of a lap left. I was in second going into the final corner and jumped hard coming out of the corner up the hill. I got the gap and held it to the line for my first criterium win and also bringing home the Alabama State Criterium Championship to Tria Cycling!

Here’s my heartrate data for the race –

  1. Going for (and not getting) the first prime
  2. Covering Jan’s move, which became the winning break
  3. Committing to the break
  4. Our pace slowed as we lapped people from the field
  5. Chasing Jan
  6. The finishing sprint

After the race, Jan and I went on a recovery ride around Mobile — which was awesome — with very little traffic. We went over the Cochrane Bridge, which is nearly 150ft high with a beautiful view of the bay and downtown area. Then we went through the Montgomery Tunnel, which was even better because it was a steep descent followed by a gradual climb dumping you right out into the middle of downtown. Then we rode through all of downtown with the many old Live Oak trees with hanging moss. Hardly any traffic anywhere on a late Saturday afternoon and we really got enjoy the scenery. Check out the map I made of the ride –

Check out a few of Jan’s great photos from the ride –


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  1. kartoone Avatar

    Oops – my apologies – it was actually Ryan Boudreaux from Herring Gas in the break with me. I’ve updated my recap now.

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