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  • 2012 Leadville heartrate data and wrap-up

    Hear is my heartrate data from this year’s Leadville race (read my race report). Heartrate summary – note the lack of any time at all in Zone 5 2012 Leadville Heartrate data (click to enlarge) A few things to note about the heartrate data … first, there is no time at all in Zone 5! […]

  • Rouge Roubaix heartrate data and topocreator maps

    Two more things to add to this year’s Rouge Roubaix race report: annotated heartrate data and topocreator maps (2D and 3D). Check them out below! Heart rate zone summary Annotated heartrate/speed/power curve (click to enlarge) 2D annotated topocreator map of the entire rouge roubaix course (click to enlarge) … or click here to download ultra […]

  • River Gorge Day 2 – Road Race

    The River Gorge road race is of course the highlight event of the weekend with the only summit finish of the year in the entire southeast racing calendar. Plus, throw in a tough climb up Sand Mountain early in the race, and this race really packs a punch for its 60 mile distance. Here is […]

  • River Gorge Day 1 – Time Trial and Criterium

    River Gorge Omnium Day 1 went pretty well. I really like the new format with the time trial first on Saturday morning followed by the crit late in the evening. The primary benefit is that everybody is fresh for the time trial and yet the short effort isn’t going to really drain you for any […]

  • Day 2 – Crossroads Classic – Salisbury Criterium

    Kristine and the kids are here cheering me on for this race series, and Kristine got some good pics and videos from the race last night and the one on Wednesday night, too. The video below would have been taken last night around Lap 11 or 12 as our third chase group was getting established. […]

  • Day 1 – Crossroads Classic – Concord Criterium

    Race Summary This race was a new first for me … at just over 0.3 miles long, this is the shortest criterium course I have ever done. Despite the short distance, the course was safe with wide corners that you could carry your speed through. Turn 4 was the sharpest and most awkward corner that […]

  • Grafton Criterium – Tour of America’s Dairyland – Day 3

    Dropped a LOT of money at the bike shop today to buy replacement pedals. Today started out with a trip to Wheel and Sprocket – very nice bike shop based out of southeastern Wisconsin. I picked up the Speedplay pedals shown above for $352. With that fresh on my mind, I was really hoping to […]

  • Sandy Springs crash, videos, and race report

    Summary – racing well, but missed break which lapped the field. I was working hard to stay at the front with 2 laps to go when my front wheel started to slide out on the fast downhill turn #3. I straightened up to stop the slideout, but that meant that I wasn’t going to be […]

  • Dilworth USA Crits power/heartrate data and quick report

    Tough race today. Still not feeling 100% but happy to survive with no cramps and wrist not as sore as the night before. I started midpack and then stayed there for most of the race, drifting towards the back all too often and then fighting my way back towards the front. The key feature of […]

  • Spartanburg power/heartrate data and quick race report

    Fun, fast course last night in downtown Spartanburg, SC. This was the fifth of seven races of the USA Crits Speedweek. Very smooth race on a short four corner course. The start/finish stretch had a short section of brick cobblestones and a few manhole covers. This was the only part of the course that was […]