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2008 Memphis Grand Prix – Criterium (and overall results)

Quick summary: 7th place for the crit, 8th place overall for the weekend omnium

The details: This was a somewhat frustrating race for me as I managed to bridge up to what should have been the winning move. Instead, the break didn’t stick and I had used up a bit too much gas trying to keep the break going. I missed the winning break and then could only manage 6th in the field sprint which worked out to be 7th for the race since we had been lapped by the three man break. I’ll just summarize the race using my HR data below (power meter was only working sporadically, the cadence magnet had slid down again!)

2008 Memphis Grand Prix - Criterium

  1. Bridge to the 6 man breakaway, consisting of me, Nathan Brown, three Marx and Bendorf riders, and two Nashville Cyclist riders.
  2. Rolling steady in the break
  3. Leading up to this point, there was a flurry of attacks (note the changes in speed) that I ended up chasing down and then driving by to try to keep the break going. Then at this spot, I had given up since we were about to be caught
  4. The first counter-attack
  5. The second counter-attack that stuck
  6. The finishing laps

After the race we had a great lunch with my former college roommate and racing buddy from Clemson – Bert Hull and his wife Stephanie. The kids were restless and tired, but we still had a great time catching up! After lunch, we headed back to the course to see if they had finished tabulating everything and got the final results. I finished a disappointing 8th place with 34 omnium points total. Sixth and seventh place was a tie with just 35 omnium points. If I had placed one position higher in any of the races, I would have “leapt” into 6th place. Oh well!

Kristine encouraged me on the drive back, reminding me that I was greatly outnumbered by the Marx and Bendorf team AND marked by other riders if I tried to bridge or attack.

Next up, I am looking forward to the opportunity to guest ride with Marx and Bendorf up in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. We leave on Tuesday for the long drive (1100 miles!).

2008 Memphis Grand Prix – Time Trial

Quick summary: 11th place

The details:I spent the afternoon relaxing in the hotel lobby and then working to get my brand new clip-on TT bars mounted on my bike. Philip and Brent helped a lot to get my position right. Thanks guys! Philip, Jacob, and I all decided to bike over to the start/finish area since it was only 6 miles from our hotel. My legs were feeling pretty heavy when we stepped up the speed, but I was really loving the new TT bars. I felt comfortable AND I felt like I had some good leverage on the bars so that I could power through smaller hills.

The course was a closed road that paralleled an active set of railroad tracks. The course was out/back 4 miles total. We came into the course before anyone started and got a chance to ride it two and a half times. I liked the course and new that you had to save some energy for after the turnaround when you would be battling back up a small grade into a decent headwind. My power meter helped me keep from going out too hard, and it helped me keep from panicking on the way back in when I wasn’t going very fast to realize that it was because of the grade and headwind – NOT because I was just going slow. I was pleased that my time was about 6 seconds improved from similar TT’s. Also, check out how low my average heart rate was and yet how high the average power was. Normally I’d be freaking out b/c my HR was so low, but because I knew I was putting out the watts to maintain a descent speed I was able to keep pushing.

2008 Memphis Grand Prix - Time Trial

  1. Power spike on the first small riser. I saved some energy after the start to kick it hard here to keep my speed up.
  2. The turn-around
  3. High power, slightly slower speed on the uphill grade into headwind
  4. Again, good power through here even though the speed was dropping