Month: June 2008

  • 2008 Memphis Grand Prix – Criterium (and overall results)

    Quick summary: 7th place for the crit, 8th place overall for the weekend omnium The details: This was a somewhat frustrating race for me as I managed to bridge up to what should have been the winning move. Instead, the break didn’t stick and I had used up a bit too much gas trying to […]

  • 2008 Memphis Grand Prix – Time Trial

    Quick summary: 11th place The details:I spent the afternoon relaxing in the hotel lobby and then working to get my brand new clip-on TT bars mounted on my bike. Philip and Brent helped a lot to get my position right. Thanks guys! Philip, Jacob, and I all decided to bike over to the start/finish area […]

  • 2008 Memphis Grand Prix – Road Race

    Quick summary: 5th place The details: Small field but with good representation from Marx and Bendorf (8 riders), Nashville Cyclist (4 riders), and Team Type I (2 riders). I was very aggressive at the beginning and followed Travis (Marx and Bendorf) on an attack from the line. I sat up after about half a mile […]

  • Biking in Memphis!

    We’re settled into the Hampton Inn here just outside of Memphis in Colliersville, TN. It was a nice drive up even with a major nose bleed from Analise which started with “Daddy, my nose is running”. We turn around to see Analise covered in blood from her nose down to her chin (she had wiped […]

  • Avery Trace Road Race and Time Trial

    Quick summary: 4th road race, 19th time trial The details: it was a relatively small field (about 35 riders), but it was packed with heat. Two Team Type I pros were here (Emile Abraham and Daniel Holt), Brent Bookwalter (BMC), and four riders from a pro team called DLP (UCI Continental) along with Michael Olheiser […]

  • Avery Trace, Cookeville

    Quick update – we just drove up to Nashville and our spending the night with family before I head up to the road race and tt tomorrow at Avery Trace. Then possibly the Cookeville crit on Sunday. Stay tuned for more details tomorrow after the races.

  • Nature Valley Grand Prix Stage 6 Photos

    Here is one last post from the Nature Valley Grand Prix with photos that I took of the last stage. It was killing me to have missed the timecut and not be able to do this epic criterium with the infamous Chilkoot Hill, but it was definitely some excellent racing that I got to watch. […]

  • Nature Valley Grand Prix Photos

    Here is a quick post with some photos from one of our team managers (Tim Ramos). 2008 Nature Valley Men's Composite Team 2008 Nature Valley Men's and Women's Composite Teams Warming up for the Cannon Falls road race Jason and I getting to the start line early – Cannon Falls Brady and I on the […]

  • What’s Next

    I won’t hide that I am very disappointed about missing the timecut yesterday in the TT. A focus for me for the remainder of the season will be to work on my TT and improve my overall power output. I went for a ride today and felt miserable, so I believe I will take the […]

  • Nature Valley Grand Prix 2008 – Wrap-up

    I downloaded my heart-rate data this afternoon and was surprised to find my time trial time was slower than I had thought it was, and it turns out that with Ben Jacques-Mayne’s incredible TT performance, I missed the time cut by 14 seconds. So my racing is over. I am hoping to get a couple […]