Nature Valley Grand Prix 2008 – Wrap-up



I downloaded my heart-rate data this afternoon and was surprised to find my time trial time was slower than I had thought it was, and it turns out that with Ben Jacques-Mayne’s incredible TT performance, I missed the time cut by 14 seconds. So my racing is over. I am hoping to get a couple good rides in while the weather is nice and then we’ll be heading back down to Alabama. Thanks for checking in on my racing.


2 responses to “Nature Valley Grand Prix 2008 – Wrap-up”

  1. James Hall Avatar
    James Hall

    Thhirteen seconds on Friday the 13th?

  2. kartoone Avatar

    Yeah, I wish it boiled down to bad luck, but there is just no getting around me simply not being able to ride fast enough to make the cut. Next time!

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