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  • Skiing and cycling – an unscientific comparison

    So I mainly just wanted to upload a video of my kids in their first ski race yesterday, but I thought I would compare and contrast cross-country skiing and cycling as part of the post. First, the video: Josiah is the boy taking off running without any ski poles. Analise is skiing next to my […]

  • More videos from our weekend in South Carolina

    In my post yesterday about my 176.5 mile end of the season epic ride, only uploaded a few of all the videos I took. Here are the other ones, including roller coaster road and a short clip of the climb through the fog up NC-215 to the parkway. http://youtu.be/ActRe6L2A34

  • Rapha Rising Climbing Competition – Days 4, 5, 6

    It’s 4AM – time to start my longest ride ever. At midnight, celebrating with @beautifulwife the end of a very long day of riding. Wednesday – Day 4 – 249 miles, 42,200 feet of climbing These two pictures above bookend my longest ride ever with the most climbing ever. Getting up at 4AM and then […]

  • Out west – day 13 – Barn Burner 104 MTB race

    Me and Josiah immediately after the finish Great race today at the Barn Burner just outside of Flagstaff, AZ. This was by far the hardest race I have ever done – 104 miles of double track forest roads – some very bumpy, some very sandy, some very crazy, all of it a whole lot of […]

  • 2011 Tour of America’s Dairyland Summary

    What a great race series the 2011 Tour of America’s Dairyland was. I’m already looking forward to next year. This year featured 9 criteriums, 1 road race, and 1 time trial. The criteriums were a mix of hilly technical courses and flat, fast courses. This was my first time to race more than six days […]

  • Madison Criterium – Tour of America’s Dairyland – Day 11

    Strava map of the Madison Criterium course – 2011 Tour of America’s Dairyland Mmmmm – chocolate milk at the finish in front of the capitol after 11 days of racing This was a great way to end up the 2011 Tour of America’s Dairyland. I put the course map first because it highlights the unique […]

  • Downer Ave Criterium – Tour of America’s Dairyland – Day 10

    I think I may have cracked the top 15 on this one. I was really happy with the finish as it was a complete turnaround from yesterday. Even though I was again at the very front with one lap to go. I was able to hold my position and not get passed by anyone in […]

  • Fond du Lac Grand Prix – Tour of America’s Dairyland – Day 9

    The Fond du Lac Grand prix yesterday was another great race that I managed to mess up at the end. Let’s start with the positive, though. I was in several breaks and even attacked once to start a break. I rode well at the front for the entire race before blowing the last lap. There […]

  • Tour of Atlanta – Burnt Mountain road race report

    2011 Burnt Mountain road race pro/1/2 podium Finishing sprint video: Hats off to the Hincapie Devo guys who took 1-2 in the Tour of Atlanta Burnt Mountain road race today. I squeezed onto the podium for third. The race started down a steep hill, and a group of eight of us carried a lot of […]

  • Injury update and progress

    I’ve been making great progress on my recovery this week. As you can see from the videos below, I am able to ride short distances with one arm. I’ve included a bunch of photos if you click the “Read more…” link if you are viewing this on my blog home page. If you are viewing […]