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  • 2016 Season Statistics – All of Alabama

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G07XcasQYLA 2016 Season StatisticsBeing able to participate in such a significant life-changing endeavor as the 2016 Ride4Gabe was certainly the highlight of my cycling year, and that led spontaneously to the establishment of a primary goal for 2016 – to ride in every county in Alabama in one year. I set this goal when I […]

  • Skyway Epic and Tour de Tuscaloosa Double Header

    Skyway 2016 100 mile podium. Left-to-right: Jeff Clayton, Brian Toone, and Hefin Jones. I was freezing cold after the race so I donned a skull cap and my winter jacket thinking I’d take it off right before the podium but then my zipper was stuck and I couldn’t get the jacket off. Oh well!!! Shout […]

  • 2015 a year to remember

    topocreator.com map showing 30,000 miles of riding in 2015. 23 states and 203 counties covered in 2015. Click to enlarge. Every January I look forward to writing this blog post with a summary of all the statistics, data, and maps from the previous year’s racing. This year’s summary took a bit longer because I wanted […]

  • 2014 Season Summary

    An epic season I’ve been on many rides and raced in many races I’d classify as “epic”, but this is probably the first season I’d classify as “epic”. Lots of epic rides and races, but also one epic crash completely changed the course of my season. I’m super thankful to be able to write this […]

  • 2013 Season Summary

    Veloviewer.com – 20,485 miles ridden in 2013 compared to 20,744 miles ridden in the 2012 calendar year. Veloviewer.com – 2,594,511 ft climbed in 2013 … compared to 2,686,811 ft climbed in the 2012 calendar year. Veloviewer.com – 59 days and 33 minutes spent riding my bike in 2013 … compared to 59 days and 11 […]

  • 2012 season statistics and reflection

    With all that is happening in cycling right now, I definitely appreciate everyone who continues to follow my racing. I have never used any kind of performance enhancing drug, and it makes me sad/mad that so many of the stars of cycling from my generation have resorted to that during their careers. I think Phil […]

  • Athens Twilight 2012 vs Sunny King 2012 power and heartrate data

    Well, the results are in, and below is this year’s side-by-side comparison of two very popular pro criteriums (Sunny King and Athens Terrapin Twilight). I still don’t know how to decide which race is harder … so y’all look at the data and make some comments about how you interpret it. Thanks! This year’s races […]

  • 18,000 miles for 2011

    Today was my last ride for 2011, and it just so happened to take me over the 18,000 mile mark for the year. I had originally thought I was going to be short of 18,000 miles, but I noticed after my ride on Monday that I was reasonably close to try and make it there […]

  • End of the season maps

    Lots of fun maps from the season. All of these maps cover routes between November 1, 2010 and October 30, 2011. Quick summary- Flying: 3,900 mi. Driving: 17,300 mi. Biking: 17,600 mi. Total: 38,800 mi. Zoomed in view of the Birmingham routes – Hoover, Vestavia, Homewood Biking near Birmingham Biking in Alabama from Birmingham north […]

  • 2011 Tour of America’s Dairyland Summary

    What a great race series the 2011 Tour of America’s Dairyland was. I’m already looking forward to next year. This year featured 9 criteriums, 1 road race, and 1 time trial. The criteriums were a mix of hilly technical courses and flat, fast courses. This was my first time to race more than six days […]