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  • Out west summary

    What an amazing trip we had out west this summer … 21 days and just over 4000 miles of visiting family and sightseeing in 8 states. The genesis of the trip was our cousin’s wedding in Phoenix for Memorial Day weekend. But there was also a really cool mountain bike race the next weekend in […]

  • Strava Climbing Challenge Wrap-up

    March 15th – April 30th – 96 rides, 3084 miles and 468,661 feet of climbing – the Strava Specialized Climbing Challenge is done. Last year I climbed a lot because I really like climbing (and descending). This year in this climbing competition, I was driven by a desire to win so I climbed more and […]

  • Alabama topography annotated

    Click on the map for a huge (7.2MB) detailed annotated map with a few major Alabama mountains annotated. When I was looking at the state map of Alabama that I had made using topocreator, I noticed how you can see that the Smoke Ridge climb is connected to Skyball from the Tour de Cullman. I […]

  • End of the season maps

    Lots of fun maps from the season. All of these maps cover routes between November 1, 2010 and October 30, 2011. Quick summary- Flying: 3,900 mi. Driving: 17,300 mi. Biking: 17,600 mi. Total: 38,800 mi. Zoomed in view of the Birmingham routes – Hoover, Vestavia, Homewood Biking near Birmingham Biking in Alabama from Birmingham north […]

  • Crossroads Classic maps

    We just got back from a longer than expected trip that included 5 days of racing, 2 days of riding in the mountains, and one funeral (in Florence). One of the things I like about TopoCreator, which I am trying to rush into a real beta phase this week, is the ability to overlay a […]

  • Topocreator Maps

    Click on the link below to go to my topocreator.com “coming soon” page with links to maps I have created for the Giro d’Italia, Joe Martin Stage Race, and the Tour of the Gila. For many of you, it is probably a joke now that my website will forever be “coming soon” — but believe […]