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  • Lakeshore Trail and Vulcan Trail with the kids

    I needed to have some work done on my mountain bike in preparation for Leadville – so I thought I would throw the kids bikes in the car and have a little fun on the Lakeshore Trail and the Vulcan Trail. Into the car went both the kids bikes, my mountain bike, and my road […]

  • Out west – days 4, 5, 6, 7

    Thursday, Day 4 – sunset adventure with Josiah After a fun hobo dinner over the campfire, Josiah and I set out on a sunset adventure. We took the new trail I found to the Bright Angel lodge and then connected with Hermit Rd, which is open only to shuttles and cyclists. I pushed Josiah up […]

  • Pepper Place 2008 – Afternoon racing update

    We just got back from the afternoon kids races, and we’ll be heading back later this evening for the later races including the one I’ll be racing at 8:45pm. Here’s some pictures from the afternoon:

  • Nature Valley Grand Prix Stage 6 Photos

    Here is one last post from the Nature Valley Grand Prix with photos that I took of the last stage. It was killing me to have missed the timecut and not be able to do this epic criterium with the infamous Chilkoot Hill, but it was definitely some excellent racing that I got to watch. […]