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  • Ride4Gabe 5.0 – Hoover, AL to Durango, CO

    Ride4Gabe 5.0 – Hoover, AL to Durango, CO

    Photos! I have a ton of them from the trip. You can quickly scroll through the thumbnails and see some of my captions on my pickuta website by clicking on the link below: https://pickuta.com/album/226 BACKGROUND – RIDE 4 GABE v1, v2, v3, and v4 I met Gabe Griffin and his family back in 2014 during […]

  • Mini Tour of the Southeast

    TLDR – quick stats and map Day 1: YELLOW – the Alabama Skyway – 273.51mi. (22,838ft) Day 2: BLUE – the Cohutta – 177.57mi. (19,836ft) Day 3: RED – the Memories – 177.20mi. (19,344ft) Day 4: ORANGE – the Counties – 256.04mi. (16,388ft) Day 5: PURPLE – the Home Sweet Home – 173.77mi. (14,639ft) Total: […]

  • Rouge Roubaix 2013

    Annotated power map (click to enlarge) I have been wanting to write this race report from the moment the race was over, but it has been a crazy busy week at work. I am finally caught up enough that I can sit down to reflect on what for sure was the most epic Rouge Roubaix […]