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  • Cross Florida ITT – the Spanish All Saints 2020 edition

    Cross Florida ITT – the Spanish All Saints 2020 edition

    Quick summary Distance: 546 mi (including 15 mi ride to start), 1007 mi (including 451 mi ride back to start) Climbing: 8967 ft Time: 2 days, 11 hours, 46 minutes (Mon, 12/7/20 5:24am to Wed, 12/9/20 5:10pm) Speed: Overall average (9.1mph), Moving speed (11.0mph), Total stoppage time (10 hours) Sleep: ZERO – I stopped at […]

  • Beach training

    I just got back from a very fun beach vacation that included two great days of training with my teammate Lennie. The roads there are pretty flat, but you do notice the little rollers when you are trying to maintain 25-28mph with a tailwind or 20-23mph into a headwind! 110 miles over two days in […]

  • A couple weekends off

    We’re heading to the beach this weekend with Lennie and his family. It’s going to be fun, but I am hoping to get in at least one long easier paced ride, maybe even riding part of the way back to Birmingham on Sunday before Kristine picks me up. No matter what, I am definitely not […]