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  • BBL Wrap-up plus Huntsville Climbing

    This weekend was quite the kicker of a way to end the training season and dive headlong into racing season … starting next weekend with the southern cross race. Here’s a quick look at what I believe I’ll be racing the next few weeks: Feb 16 – southern cross (mtb) Feb 17 – gsmr training […]

  • BBL iBike Newton+

    Cahaba river pedestrian bridge behind the ballfields (plus iBike Newton pic) Baseball skills assessment collage … Josiah was scheduled for his tryouts at 2:45 … I rode 102 miles and arrived at exactly 2:42, but he had gone early because it was starting to rain. Fortunately I was able to catch them in the parking […]

  • BBL iBike data and videos

    Fun day today at the BBL. I mainly wanted to put a post up with my iBike data for those of you curious about the iBike. I’ve highlighted the attack zone data below first – along with a video for the Sterrett attack zone and the Vandiver KOM. I forgot to turn the video back […]

  • BBL power records

    Today’s BBL was quite a ride … Strava marked it in the “Extreme” category, and I set two new power records. Ironically, they both came in the first attack zone where I went too early and got caught in the last 50m before the line. The power map is quite colorful in the attack zones […]

  • BBL Sterrett 2011-12-10 at 20x normal speed (320mph avg speed)

    So this is what BBL looks like at 20x speed (roughly 300-400mph … sometimes faster, sometimes slower depending on whether we are going uphill or downhill). This also includes my ride to/from the start of BBL. BBL itself starts at 2:15, the Sterrett attack zone starts at 8:32 and finishes at 8:52. The climb up […]

  • BBL 1/23/10 – Power / heartrate data

    Attack Zone #1 – Camp Winnie – 3rd place Excellent BBL – lots of power and heartrate data in this blog! Read all about it…