BBL power records



Today’s BBL was quite a ride … Strava marked it in the “Extreme” category, and I set two new power records. Ironically, they both came in the first attack zone where I went too early and got caught in the last 50m before the line. The power map is quite colorful in the attack zones where you can see some of the tactics playing out. Here are the graphs!

New personal power records
BBL power map annotated – click the map for hi-res version

Here is the link to the ride data on strava –


2 responses to “BBL power records”

  1. Mike Farkas Avatar

    What software are you using to show your power zones?

    1. kartoone Avatar

      I use Golden Cheetah – it’s open source software that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux. My two favorite features are the critical power curve and the power map, but it has a lot of other features too.

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