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  • Finishing Florida (and Mississippi)

    Finishing Florida (and Mississippi)

    I started this post in February of this year right after what turned out to be a ridiculously cold ride in Mississippi to finish off the last counties I needed to have ridden in all the counties in the state. The ride started out cold in the mid 20s for nearly the first 100 miles […]

  • Cherokee Rock Village

    Every fall for the past 10 years, we have traveled to Clemson, South Carolina for fall break. Football game on Saturday (sometimes), long ride for me on either Sunday or Monday (or both), and drive back home on Tuesday usually after visiting local apple orchards in the mountains. My bike rides over fall break have […]

  • Race Across America 2015

    I’m so excited to be racing the Race Across America this summer. I created a separate blog for all of my RAAM posts, and “Cycling Adventures” blog will remain idle until the race is over. Here is a link to the RAAM blog where I will be posting all things cycling since everything I’m doing […]

  • Wisconsin Racing and Riding

    View this post on Instagram A post shared by Brian Toone (@kartoone76) Pre-race pic, happy with 65th given this was only my second road event of the year. Beautiful cool weather this year unlike last year’s scorcher, so hydration was easy. Sad that this will be the last year for Madison hosting the race, but […]

  • Catching up on some epic adventures

    Life has been busy and is about to get busier, but I’ve had some pretty crazy adventures I wanted to blog about. These are ordered below based on when they happened, so you can jump to any specific one with these links: American Flyers | Just a little commute | Grant ups and downs March […]

  • Cycling and Don Quixote

    Windmills and the setting sun Two years ago, I raced all of the Tour of America’s Dairyland including the Fond du Lac criterium. I raced well and crossed the line in first at the start of the last lap trying to maintain good position. Unfortunately, I managed to get passed by 20 people during the […]

  • Fall adventure family style

    A family picture before heading out on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch. We’ve gone to Old Baker Farm to pick out pumpkins and enjoy all the festivities for the past seven years. Check out our first visit in 2006. I left the house a couple hours ahead of Kristine and the kids to […]

  • Fall adventure on double oak way

    At the edge of the helicopter hill descent – me and Simon – you can see the ridges all the way out to Hugh Daniel, which blocks the view of the Double Oak ridge line. I posted a message to Facebook yesterday that I wanted to ride out to Double Oak Way today, and three […]