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  • Essom Hill Rd

    Recap This was my first cold ride of the season – 252 fast and cold miles from Birmingham, Alabama to Cave Spring, Georgia and back. The average temp for the ride was 39 degF, with a low hovering around 25-27 degF for several hours. I woke up at midnight and left the house by 1:15AM. […]

  • 2016 Season Statistics – All of Alabama 2016 Season StatisticsBeing able to participate in such a significant life-changing endeavor as the 2016 Ride4Gabe was certainly the highlight of my cycling year, and that led spontaneously to the establishment of a primary goal for 2016 – to ride in every county in Alabama in one year. I set this goal when I […]

  • 2015 a year to remember map showing 30,000 miles of riding in 2015. 23 states and 203 counties covered in 2015. Click to enlarge. Every January I look forward to writing this blog post with a summary of all the statistics, data, and maps from the previous year’s racing. This year’s summary took a bit longer because I wanted […]

  • 2015 Rapha Festive 500

    Post-ride 12/24 back at the house to kick off the Festive 500 with a fast century before Christmas Eve service. Mid-ride ice beard today 12/28 finishing out the Festive 500 with a 79 miler on the mtb and fat bike. Today, I finished up the Rapha Festive 500 challenge to ride 500k (310 miles) between […]

  • Everesting Clingman’s Dome

    4th time at the top of Clingman's Dome. One more to go! #everesting A photo posted by Brian Toone (@kartoone76) on Nov 15, 2015 at 4:53am PST Panoramic photo from the Clingman’s Dome tower panning from northwest to the southeast with Mt Leconte prominent in the center and the Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge area to […]

  • Wisconsin wrap-up

    Long ice beard in Weyerhauser with Blue Hills I had just ridden through in the background. The beard is frozen breath, whereas the mustache is frozen snot (I had nasal congestion issues all week). Kristine caught up to me near the very end of the ride and got this pic as we were pulling into […]

  • Frozen lake adventures and snow bike sledding

    Yesterday was our last day at the cabin, so Kristine, Papa Dale, and the kids went for one last ski/skate on the lake. They were following a huge eagle around the lake, and I got pictures of his footprints later when I went out to check out the ice fishing with Kristine. I was planning […]

  • Markville via lots of snowy roads and snowmobile trails

    This was my longest and fastest ride so far this year up in Wisconsin. It needed to be fast because I got a late start after sleeping in a bit and then having fun out on the frozen lake with Josiah ice/snow astronaut skating and Analise snow skiing. After warming up a bit, I left […]

  • Lake 26 road to Minnesota

    Today’s ride was really great … lots of fast snow and rolling hills. Frog Lake Road was perhaps the most rural road with some long stretches of untouched snow. But the highlight road was Lake 26 road which basically paralleled WI-77 for a good 15 miles heading west towards Minnesota. There was a good steady […]

  • Skiing and cycling – an unscientific comparison

    So I mainly just wanted to upload a video of my kids in their first ski race yesterday, but I thought I would compare and contrast cross-country skiing and cycling as part of the post. First, the video: Josiah is the boy taking off running without any ski poles. Analise is skiing next to my […]