Month: March 2016

  • Paris-Brest-Paris southern style data analysis

    One of the lessons that I learned the hard way during RAAM is that it really doesn’t matter how much power you can put out on the bike. It doesn’t matter how long you can sustain a Zone 5 heartrate. It doesn’t even matter a great deal how fast you ride your bike. The only […]

  • Southern-style Paris-Brest-Paris – there and back again

    There and back again – topocreator county map showing my outbound route to Clemson in blue and my return route to Birmingham in red. 17 counties traversed on the outbound route, 18 counties traversed on the return route. Click to enlarge and see detail and annotations. I just finished reading the Lord of the Rings […]

  • Rouge Roubaix 2016

    Low water bridge … under water! Flooding caused a few route changes this year. I was prepared for the flooding, though, as I practiced fording a river on my Thursday ride back in Alabama. I found all the dirt roads and gravel roads I could find that I felt were good simulation for the Rouge […]

  • Climbing, climbing, and more climbing

    View this post on Instagram A post shared by Brian Toone (@kartoone76) It has been a busy week of riding and racing with the Cheaha Climbing camp on Thursday, the Southern Cross race on Saturday morning, and then following that up in the afternoon with a “5 Gap” ride up to the highest point in […]

  • Shelby County mountains

    The ridges get larger and higher the farther east you go in Alabama — ultimately reaching 2407′ on top of Mount Cheaha, the highest point in Alabama. This elevation trend is true locally in Birmingham as the ridges stack on top of each other getting larger the farther east you go until you hit the […]