Mississippi Gran Prix Day 1

Quick Summary
My teammate Pat Allison (check out his video from the Friday night crit) took 2nd with a super long sprint only getting caught at the line by Mat Davis (Team L’asport) who took the win. I came in a few spots behind for 6th, and my other teammate in the race (Justin Bynum) finished a strong 10th. Along the way I snagged three primes and Pat got a fourth prime. Great team race!

The Details
This criterium is probably my favorite event of the whole weekend of racing. It’s always fun to race a downtown criterium, and this one has an active train track that borders the course. Two trains went through at pretty high speed during warm-up, and one train came through after the race. Also, the only race of the evening is our Category 1/2/3 race so once the course is blocked off at about 6PM, you can warm up on the course for close to an hour. Plus, the race finishes in the dark so that takes an already fast course and makes it feel even faster.

On the first prime lap, I attacked hard out of the third corner of the six corner course and held it all the way to the line to take the $50 prime. This effort took a lot out of me, so I slid way back in the field before starting to move up again. Later in the race, I had moved into position towards the front again when they rang the bell for another prime. I attacked hard in the same spot as the first prime and held it again to the line. After this prime, we had a good break with Mat Davis and one or two other riders. After about 1/2 lap, Jake Brewer (Herring Gas) bridged up to us and we started rolling. But there was still too much firepower left in the field and we were brought back after a few laps.

Pat covered the next few moves and ended up taking a $50 prime and just missing out on another one. I worked to maintain position near the front as we got closer to the finish. With four laps to go, the organizers rang the bell for another prime and I was in good position coming out of turn 2 so I hit it hard and was able to hold it all the way to the line. I slid way back after this, but was able to work my way back up to near the front on the last lap when I saw Pat take a flyer coming out of turn 2. This strung out everything in front and gaps were opening up as panic set in. Mat Davis was chasing Pat and Woody Boudreaux (Herring Gas) was chasing Mat. Mat ended up catching Pat right before the line. Pat held on for 2nd, and Woody came in third. I came into the fourth turn passing people but got chopped and lost quite a bit of momentum. I was able to hit it hard again though and pass a few more people to take 6th. Justin rode a smart race and finished a few spots behind for 10th.

The Data

Dist:       26.40 mi (0:58:58)
Energy:    1004.6 kJ
Cals Burn:  960.4 kcal
Braking:     -5.8 kJ (-0.6%)
          Min   Avg    Max
Power       0  284.0   960  W
Aero        0  212.8   788  W
Rolling     9   34.7    44  W
Gravity  -601   -0.6   414  W
Speed     6.7   26.9  33.7  mi/h
Wind      0.0   20.1  38.5  mi/h
Elev      306    326   343  ft
Slope    -5.7  -0.01   4.7  %
Caden       4   78.9   106  rpm
HR        127  175.3   198  bpm
NP:342W IF:1.23 TSS:149 VI:1.20
CdA: 0.342 m^2; Crr: 0.0039
168 lbs; 4/13/2012 6:41 PM
73 degF; 1013 mbar

Criterium heartrate data (click to enlarge)

Lap 1	0.7mi	25.5mi/h	306 watts	160 bpm	0:01:38	
Lap 2	0.7mi	28.8mi/h	316 watts	168 bpm	0:01:27	
Lap 3	0.7mi	28.1mi/h	358 watts	177 bpm	0:01:29	
Lap 4	0.7mi	26.3mi/h	217 watts	177 bpm	0:01:35	
Lap 5	0.7mi	26.9mi/h	213 watts	164 bpm	0:01:33	
Lap 6	0.7mi	28.8mi/h	255 watts	166 bpm	0:01:27	
Lap 7	0.7mi	28.4mi/h	316 watts	171 bpm	0:01:28	
Lap 8	0.7mi	30.1mi/h	406 watts	188 bpm	0:01:23	prime lap
Lap 9	0.7mi	26.6mi/h	316 watts	192 bpm	0:01:34	
Lap 10	0.7mi	26.3mi/h	248 watts	183 bpm	0:01:35	
Lap 11	0.7mi	27.5mi/h	205 watts	170 bpm	0:01:31	
Lap 12	0.7mi	27.5mi/h	244 watts	170 bpm	0:01:31	
Lap 13	0.7mi	26.3mi/h	237 watts	174 bpm	0:01:35	
Lap 14	0.7mi	28.8mi/h	270 watts	171 bpm	0:01:27	
Lap 15	0.7mi	26.1mi/h	257 watts	179 bpm	0:01:36	
Lap 16	0.7mi	26.3mi/h	234 watts	178 bpm	0:01:35	
Lap 17	0.7mi	26.9mi/h	239 watts	169 bpm	0:01:33	
Lap 18	0.7mi	27.5mi/h	275 watts	175 bpm	0:01:31	
Lap 19	0.7mi	27.2mi/h	259 watts	177 bpm	0:01:32	
Lap 20	0.7mi	26.9mi/h	230 watts	176 bpm	0:01:33	
Lap 21	0.7mi	27.5mi/h	284 watts	174 bpm	0:01:31	
Lap 22	0.7mi	26.6mi/h	256 watts	178 bpm	0:01:34	prime lap
Lap 23	0.7mi	26.6mi/h	330 watts	178 bpm	0:01:34	
Lap 24	0.7mi	27.2mi/h	238 watts	178 bpm	0:01:32	
Lap 25	0.7mi	26.3mi/h	210 watts	172 bpm	0:01:35	
Lap 26	0.7mi	26.9mi/h	311 watts	168 bpm	0:01:33	
Lap 27	0.7mi	26.3mi/h	253 watts	176 bpm	0:01:35	
Lap 28	0.7mi	28.8mi/h	315 watts	177 bpm	0:01:27	
Lap 29	0.7mi	27.2mi/h	315 watts	187 bpm	0:01:32	
Lap 30	0.7mi	25.0mi/h	257 watts	180 bpm	0:01:40	
Lap 31	0.6mi	26.6mi/h	176 watts	171 bpm	0:01:34	
Lap 32	0.7mi	25.8mi/h	225 watts	169 bpm	0:01:37	
Lap 33	0.7mi	26.9mi/h	244 watts	169 bpm	0:01:33	
Lap 34	0.7mi	26.6mi/h	227 watts	170 bpm	0:01:34	
Lap 35	0.7mi	30.1mi/h	421 watts	176 bpm	0:01:23	prime lap
Lap 36	0.7mi	25.5mi/h	227 watts	184 bpm	0:01:38	
Lap 37	0.7mi	27.5mi/h	286 watts	180 bpm	0:01:31	
Lap 38	0.7mi	29.1mi/h	398 watts	186 bpm	0:01:26	

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