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  • Tour Divide 2022 plus home via Uvalde and Santa Fe

    Tour Divide 2022 plus home via Uvalde and Santa Fe

    Let’s start out with a quick TLDR – my adventure totaled 4,077 miles with 2,715 miles of that being my 11th place finish (see pic above) in the 2022 Tour Divide southbound grand depart taking 18 days and 11 hours to complete over 16 rides. The remaining 1,362 miles included a 1,044 mile crossing of […]

  • TNGA 2021 – plus year-to-year comparison

    TNGA 2021 – plus year-to-year comparison

    This was my fourth year completing the TNGA. The first two years were part of the grand depart, and the second two years were as ITTs either earlier in the summer (2020) or a few days after the grand depart (2021). I’ve made a few tables below to compare the TNGAs and will build upon […]

  • We ride at midnight, Delta Epic, part “un” and “deux”

    We ride at midnight, Delta Epic, part “un” and “deux”

    Part 1 – There… I love a good ride starting at midnight. Guess what time the Delta Epic starts … midnight! Here’s my not-so-quick-ish recap of the race before getting ready for class this morning… I drove over to the start from Birmingham on Friday after teaching in the morning. Quick, easy drive, and I […]

  • Wisconsin Racing and Riding

    View this post on Instagram A post shared by Brian Toone (@kartoone76) Pre-race pic, happy with 65th given this was only my second road event of the year. Beautiful cool weather this year unlike last year’s scorcher, so hydration was easy. Sad that this will be the last year for Madison hosting the race, but […]

  • Rouge Roubaix 2014

    2014 Rouge Roubaix Pro/1/2 podium – Stefan Rothe (Elbowz), Heath Blackgrove (Boneshaker), Logan Hutchings (Boneshaker), left to right. Wow! Strong podium! One of these years I’m going to make it onto that podium, but even though it wasn’t this year I’m certainly happy to have raced well against such a strong field. Boneshaker brought a […]

  • River Gorge Road Race

    Gotten a bit behind on the blogs … this one I started last Saturday after the River Gorge race – and I think I’ll go ahead and try to finish it up before this afternoon’s race in Anderson, SC. River Gorge Road Race Wow, another epic race today at the River Gorge road race up […]

  • 2013 Alabama State Criterium plus LP Field Finale

    Alabama State Criterium You can summarize pretty much the entire race in these two videos. In the first one, Mike Olheiser (Cashcall Mortgage) breaks away on the second lap after I let a tiny gap open coming out of the slippery turn 2. Mike takes one look back, sees the gap, and is gone. I […]

  • 2013 Alabama State Time Trial

    2013 Alabama State Time Trial Pro/1/2 podium – Payne Griffin (Marx and Bensdorf), Mike Olheiser (Cashcall), and Brian Toone (Friends of the Great Smokies) Quick summary 3rd place behind Mike Olheiser (Cashcall Mortgage) and Payne Griffin (Marx and Bensdorf). I read recently that you weren’t supposed to start your posts with podium pictures, but I’m […]

  • 2013 Tour of America’s Dairyland

    Results Wednesday – Fond du Lac road race – 70th out of 150 starters, 124 finishers Thursday – Road America road race – 94th out of 150 starters, 102 finishers Friday – Fond du Lac criterium – 59th out of 105 starters, 61 finishers Saturday – Downer Classic criterium – 62nd out of 150 starters, […]

  • Cycling and Don Quixote

    Windmills and the setting sun Two years ago, I raced all of the Tour of America’s Dairyland including the Fond du Lac criterium. I raced well and crossed the line in first at the start of the last lap trying to maintain good position. Unfortunately, I managed to get passed by 20 people during the […]