Month: May 2011

  • Tour of Atlanta – Burnt Mountain road race report

    2011 Burnt Mountain road race pro/1/2 podium Finishing sprint video: Hats off to the Hincapie Devo guys who took 1-2 in the Tour of Atlanta Burnt Mountain road race today. I squeezed onto the podium for third. The race started down a steep hill, and a group of eight of us carried a lot of […]

  • Tour of Atlanta preride

    Tour of Atlanta, Burnt Mountain road race tomorrow. We drove in from Birmingham today, and I headed out for a loop of the course while the kids went swimming with Kristine at the hotel pool. Even though the race starts early, it’s going to be a hot, humid race if it’s anything like my pre-ride […]

  • New (not really) monster

    Recall the Birmingham Monsters post that I created a few months back. Well, there is a new monster in town! Not really, as I have done the climb several times, but today I grabbed the stats on it so that I could include it with all the other monsters. My rough definition of a monster […]

  • Four weeks later…

    So it’s been four weeks since the tornadoes went through Alabama, and I have seen a lot of the damage on my normal commute routes through Cahaba Heights and Vestavia Hills. But yesterday, I rode on Sicard Hollow for the first time since the tornadoes hit. Apparently, the Cahaba Heights tornado traveled along part of […]

  • Recovery update

    Making great progress on recovering here. Today (Friday), I put in my first really hard efforts following a flying Warren St John up several cat 3 climbs on a climbing version of the Ross Bridge loop. My shoulder has limited mobility and I can stand for longer stretches, but I still can’t torque on the […]

  • Injury update and progress

    I’ve been making great progress on my recovery this week. As you can see from the videos below, I am able to ride short distances with one arm. I’ve included a bunch of photos if you click the “Read more…” link if you are viewing this on my blog home page. If you are viewing […]

  • Sandy Springs crash, videos, and race report

    Summary – racing well, but missed break which lapped the field. I was working hard to stay at the front with 2 laps to go when my front wheel started to slide out on the fast downhill turn #3. I straightened up to stop the slideout, but that meant that I wasn’t going to be […]

  • Videos from Dilworth and Spartanburg

    I wrote up my race reports from Dilworth and from Spartanburg. Here are the missing videos taken by my lovely wife:

  • Dilworth USA Crits power/heartrate data and quick report

    Tough race today. Still not feeling 100% but happy to survive with no cramps and wrist not as sore as the night before. I started midpack and then stayed there for most of the race, drifting towards the back all too often and then fighting my way back towards the front. The key feature of […]

  • Spartanburg power/heartrate data and quick race report

    Fun, fast course last night in downtown Spartanburg, SC. This was the fifth of seven races of the USA Crits Speedweek. Very smooth race on a short four corner course. The start/finish stretch had a short section of brick cobblestones and a few manhole covers. This was the only part of the course that was […]