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Wow, what an amazing season this has been. Every year I sum up the season posting all the stats that I track throughout the year in minute detail. This year, though, it has been my best season, and I am especially grateful to so many people. Obviously, in the grand scheme of things in the world of cycling, I am not noteworthy in any shape, fashion, or form. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love the sport, nor that I am not extremely grateful to all the amazing people who have made this my best season ever. In fact, I am over-the-top grateful and so you’ll have to excuse me if this post is a bit over-the-top, too. I have so many people to thank, and I am going to do my best to thank every single person starting with my #1 fan @beautifulwife and our amazing kids who together have traveled a huge portion of the 16,000 miles for training and racing this year (see map below). Thankfully, we have only stayed in a few hotels thanks to our friends and family who opened up their homes to us in ten states:

GA: Wayne and Jane Lunceford in Athens.
WI: Kristine’s parents Dale and Sandy Cardwell in Shell Lake. Shelly and Paul Vandevelde in Madison. Rick and Robin Hallet in Green Bay. Dan and Dena in Sobieski
MN: Dale Cardwell and his weekday work apartment in St Paul.
IL: Scott and Rhonda Dart, Michelle and Mike Kackert in Aurora.
IN: Vivian Nye and Steve and Connie Thate in La Porte.
NC: Darol and Donna Timberlake in Charlotte (2x).
TN: Richard and Christy Painter in Nashville.
NY: Laura in Albany.
TX: Mark and Lori Thompson in Van.
AL: My parents Tom and Beverly Toone who watched the kids right here in Birmingham when they couldn’t go with us.

2010 travel for training and racing, 11/1/09 – 10/17/10

And before I list out all the statistics and charts, let me give a huge thanks to our awesome sponsors who make this very expensive sport possible for middle income folks like my family. A huge, huge thanks to Dan Taylor with Infinity Med-I-Spa who has not only sponsored our team financially but also opened up his home for training camps, trained with us, and believed in us for the past 5 years. A huge thanks to our other awesome title sponsor DonohooAuto.com for backing us and running the best car business around (if we had money for a car, that’s where we’d go!), and another faithful sponsor from the beginning Andy Versigglio with Piggly Wiggly, Sammy’s awesome employer Central Steel Service, Timo’s connection with Townhouse Galleries, the law firm of Lewis, Dan “awesome” Feldman, Lehane, and McAtee, and the guys at {t}photographic. Terry Duran also deserves a big shout out for his connections at Scott and SRAM to get us good prices on the best equipment out there. Check ’em all out below:

Speaking of teammates, wow, it goes far beyond who is racing in which race. We are a team, we train together, we motivate each other. 2010 was awesome, and 2011 is going to be even better. So thanks to all the guys on this page right here (Craig, Wes, Terry, Sammy, Katherine, Mike, Stuart, Lennie, Darryl, Timo, Philip, Paul and Nichole, and Jacob) and the three new additions I’ll be adding to the list soon!

2010 Tria Cycling roster – you guys are awesome

And none of it would have been possible w/o the promoters and USA Cycling officials working together to make this sport happen from the local level on up to the national level. Regional official and teammate Stuart Lamp, the district officials in all the places where I’ve raced, the moto officials (Bill and many others). On the promoters side, a big thanks to local promoter Lee Gravlee for organizing the Shelby County Airport Training Circuit Race in the spring to fill a void in the schedule, and likewise to the amazing series put on by Tim Hall in Nashville this summer, to Curtis Cupp and Mike Poe who put on an absolutely amazing event at the Sunny King criterium year after year, and finally (although I could go on and on about all the different races that have been totally awesome this year) Gene Dixon and all the folks at Swagger (Ashley Travieso, K Sakai, Casey Lamberski, and Ravi Rajcoomar) for putting on the best national crit series attracting the top professionals, but still allowing us mere mortals to give it a go and line up with the best in the country.

Finally, there’s everyone I race against all over the country and/or train with locally here in Birmingham. We make each other stronger. Special thanks to Ed Whitehorn for his help and support in Washington DC at the Capitol Crit and to Russ Langley for finding me a spot on his composite team for that same race and also to James Hall who sold me my first bike at River Oaks Cycles nearly 20 years ago and still keeps up with my racing. And to everyone I didn’t mention, wow, I can’t go on forever, so please know that every single person I’ve ridden with and/or raced against is part of the same community, the same sport I love, I consider you all friends, and I am thankful for each of you!

The 2010 Statistics
These statistics all run from November 1, 2009 until today October 17, 2010 – 350 days worth of riding.

Statistic Avg Max Min Total
Weekly training time (hours) 14.97 20.73 9.55 748.32
Weekly distance (miles) 269.8 380.3 178 13,488.6
Workouts per week (#) 11 14 6 525
Weekly climbing (feet) 14,551 22,841 3,698 727,569

2010 total weekly mileage and heartrate average

2010 total weekly workout time and heartrate zones

2010 calories burned and power average

I’ve also listed the past four years for comparison below.

Comparison to previous years
2010 2009 2008 2007
Hrs/week 14.97(avg), 20.73(max) 14.72(avg), 20.77(max) 14.65(avg), 20.18(max) 13.62(avg), 18.01(max)
Miles/week 269.8(avg), 380.3(max) 268.4(avg), 369.4(max) 252.2(avg), 337.1(max) 241.5(avg), 358.3(max)

I’ve listed all my podium finishes and also other results that I am most proud of this year! See my full schedule and placings on my Palmarés page.

Date Name Place
10/10 Greenville Fall Cycling Extravaganza Day 2 2nd
10/9 Greenville Fall Cycling Extravaganza Day 1 3rd
10/2 Alabama State Time Trial (P/1/2) 1st
9/16 USA Crits Series Overall 9th
9/11 Dothan Cityfest Criterium 4th
8/22 Cuba Meridian Challenge Omnium 1st
8/22 Cuba Meridian Challenge RR 1st
8/21 Cuba Meridian Challenge Crit 3rd
8/4 Masters 30-34 Nationals Road Race 5th
7/25 Nashville Criterium Race Series #8 1st
7/24 Nashville Criterium Race Series #7 1st
7/11 The Capital Criterium (USA Crits) 18th
6/26 Tour of the Dairyland (Overall) 22nd
6/26 Hyde Park Blast (USA Crits) 11th
6/21 Tour of America’s Dairyland – Road America 4th
6/19 Giro d’Grafton (USA Crits) 14th
6/13 Tour de Grove (NRC) 8th
5/22 2010 Alabama State Criterium Championship 1st
5/16 Shelby County Training Race 1st
4/10 Barbers Ride to Live Road Race (Masters) 3rd
3/21 GC Union City Road Race 5th
3/14 Guntersville Training Race 1st
2/28 GSMR Winter Training Race #2 2nd
2/21 GSMR Winter Training Race #1 3rd


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