Nature Valley Grand Prix 2008 – Day 3 – Morning Time Trial



June 13, 2008 – 10:30AM

Ohio St Time Trial

Quick summary: Felt awesome for the first part, getting close to my 30 second man, but after the turnaround I never saw my 30 second man again and started to fade. The hill on the course wasn’t too bad but the last part was into a headwind and I was cooked by the top – crawled across the line.

The details: I got to the race plenty early to get a great warm-up in, but I didn’t get a chance to pre-ride the course as riders had already started racing. This turned out to be a factor as I relaxed a little too soon before the finish and then had to try to ramp the pace back up again to finish the last 200m of the climb. The start of the race was great and I was rolling 28mph with a slight downhill but into the wind. Then my pace started to fall, but I was still feeling comfortable at about 26 mph. I figured I would be able to fly on the way back after the turnaround because there was a tailwind. Unfortunately, my pace stayed consistent around 25mph as I lost sight of the guy who started in front of me that I had been catching and then completely lost sight of before the end. I hit the bottom of the climb with good speed, but it fell quickly and I just couldn’t get it turning up the hill. Then the mistake with the finish and I could only manage an average speed of 13.4mph up the hill for a total time of 15minutes, 15 seconds with a overall average speed of 23.4mph. I am worried now, though, because Ben Jacques-Mayne rolled a time of 12 minutes, 32 seconds which would put the time cut at 15 minutes, 2 seconds. I won’t be able to find out until later this afternoon before the start of tonight’s race whether they relaxed the timecut at all or if I am out of the race.

Heart rate data:
Day 3 - Time trial

Heart rate notes:

  1. Rolling great through here
  2. The turnaround
  3. Downhill before corner into the hill
  4. Strong headwind near the top of the hill


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