Nature Valley Grand Prix 2008 – Day 1



June 12, 2008

St. Paul, Minnesota Downtown Criterium

Quick summary: cold, rainy, miserable, but I survived to race another day.

First corner, first lap
Photo credit: Steve Pottenger, Nature Valley Grand Prix website

The details: I made it 11 laps after a starting position about 30 riders from the back of what the announcer said was a 200 man field (I think the actual field size may have been somewhere in the range of 150-175 people). It was raining and 58 degrees at the start, and I basically had no hope after getting a starting position that was near the very back of the pack. The pace wasn’t that fast, but I found it nearly impossible to pass people on the six-corner course because there was only
one line to take through the corners and the race stayed single-file for the whole time I was in it! I also wasn’t passed by very many people though and I think I was about the 30th person to get pulled which was about where my starting position was in the pack.

Initially, the announcer made it very clear that the riders being pulled who hadn’t made it to the halfway point in the race would not be allowed to start the next day. But all of that changed when the lead motorcycle wiped out on one of the corners and the race was neutralized. Before restarting the race, the chief referee asked the riders if they wanted to continue, and with one voice, everyone still in the race shouted “NO!” as it continued to pour down rain in 58 degree weather in the middle of June! So they scrapped the race, donated the prize money to the Children’s Hospital, and said that everyone would be allowed to start tomorrow – even those of us who had already been pulled from the race. Whew!

Heart rate data:
NVGP 2008 - Day 1 - Downtown St Paul Criterium

Heart rate notes:

  1. Warmup-time, speedometer not working correctly at first but soon fixed
  2. Looking for teammates, talking to Kristine
  3. Staging at the back of the pack for 20 minutes in the rain
  4. The very short race
  5. Cool-down


6 responses to “Nature Valley Grand Prix 2008 – Day 1”

  1. Jesse Avatar

    Love the new blog man! We’ve missed you guys. By the way, the heart rate graph is too cool. Have a great trip. We’ll see you soon.

  2. Kristine Avatar

    Whew… I was miserable watching it, so I’m sure it wasn’t a fun race. I’m looking forward to today’s race in Cannon Falls!

  3. James Hall Avatar
    James Hall

    They canceled it? Mid Race? Remember the words of the Reggae Master, ” He who fights and runs away … lives to fight another day.” Been doing any sandbagging? Go Brian!

  4. kartoone Avatar

    Yep, they cancelled it. Check out the official word on the Nature Valley website: Click on results, then stage 1 men and stage 1 women. The women had an even more controversial finish because they posted and finalized the results and then decided later to cancel the results for their race, too!

  5. jacob Avatar

    thanks for the report and agreed with the guy above — live to fight another day!

    is it just me or was your HR REALLY high for you during the few laps of the race?

  6. kartoone Avatar

    No, actually my HR was kinda low. Compare to the Winghaven circuit race where my HR stayed in the “red zone” (i.e., above 175) for the first HOUR of the race! (I’ve just updated the previous post with my Winghaven HR data)

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