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  • Skyway Epic 2022 – 10 years of Skyway

    Skyway Epic 2022 – 10 years of Skyway

    Always hard, always epic. This year’s skyway was no exception. Most people try to get better over the years. I’m OK with continuing to see my results decline because that means more and more strong, competitive people are finding this amazing race created and brought into being by Brent Marshall and continuing to grow under […]

  • Skyway Epic 2021

    Skyway Epic 2021

    I ended up writing up about the skyway epic just on Strava, so here is a belated copy and paste of the race report … plus a pic of my favorite view in Alabama below. Enjoy! Where to even begin … this was such a great race as always. Super honored to race against the […]

  • 2017 Skyway Epic 200 Mile Race (Report)

    Skyway Epic 2017 – Inaugural 200 Mile Race Podium. Brian Toone (1st), Eddie O’Dea (2nd), Chris Joice (3rd), Justin Shealey (4th), Pete Foret (5th), Josh Lederman (6th) I’ve arranged these pictures from 1st – 6th, but this inaugural edition of the 200 mile version of the Skyway Epic mountain bike race was definitely a race […]