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  • We ride at midnight, Delta Epic, part “un” and “deux”

    We ride at midnight, Delta Epic, part “un” and “deux”

    Part 1 – There… I love a good ride starting at midnight. Guess what time the Delta Epic starts … midnight! Here’s my not-so-quick-ish recap of the race before getting ready for class this morning… I drove over to the start from Birmingham on Friday after teaching in the morning. Quick, easy drive, and I […]

  • Adventure in the Bayou

    Adventure in the Bayou

    Rouge Roubaix My first ride in the bayous of Louisiana was this amazing race in 2010. Before the race, I had dreams of winning. By the end of the race, I was happy just to have finished. My best shot at winning the race came in 2012 where I won the $100 KOM (you physically […]

  • Rouge Roubaix 2016

    Low water bridge … under water! Flooding caused a few route changes this year. I was prepared for the flooding, though, as I practiced fording a river on my Thursday ride back in Alabama. I found all the dirt roads and gravel roads I could find that I felt were good simulation for the Rouge […]