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Mini Tour of the Southeast

TLDR – quick stats and map
Five day route with county elevations.

  • Day 1: YELLOW – the Alabama Skyway – 273.51mi. (22,838ft)
  • Day 2: BLUE – the Cohutta – 177.57mi. (19,836ft)
  • Day 3: RED – the Memories – 177.20mi. (19,344ft)
  • Day 4: ORANGE – the Counties – 256.04mi. (16,388ft)
  • Day 5: PURPLE – the Home Sweet Home – 173.77mi. (14,639ft)
  • Total: 1058 miles, 93k feet of climbing
  • 49 counties
  • 5 states
  • 3 state high points – AL-GA-SC
  • 3 bears
  • 2 tri-state points – TN-NC-GA and NC-SC-GA (Ellicot’s Rock)
  • 1 quad-county point
  • 1 horse being fed through a house window in someone’s front yard
  • 1 woodpecker
  • 1 fox
  • 1 groundhog or beaver
  • several snakes
  • lots of deer
  • lots and lots of rabbits

Originally I was going to ride a big chunk of the Tour Divide route in Colorado and New Mexico this week while my son was at the Fort Lewis summer mountain biking camp, but we had to cancel when my son broke his finger falling off a bridge at the start of a mountain bike race. Coronavirus was already threatening the camp, so I had been working on a backup route through Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina to try to replicate multiple 200 mile days in a row on gravel roads as well as a ton of climbing on a heavily loaded bike. I was also going to try my hand at trail-side camping in a hammock, but riding in multiple downpours each day usually at sunset or later made me switch to backup plan of cheap motels. While this made the trip more expensive than I would have liked, it definitely made dealing with the rain and heat much easier. I did laundry twice, and it was nice to start out the day early leaving a cold hotel room instead of starting out the day already hot and dehydrated from sleeping outside in the hot, humid south. That’s the quick summary, here’s all the details I remember!
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