Month: March 2012

  • More spring climbing for the Specialized Climbing Challenge on Strava

    Chasing Josiah up the hill at the end of my ride – wearing @strava bibs and #southerncx jersey iBike data annotated at peaks (click to enlarge) Today was an easy day with a big criterium tomorrow in Dothan. I spent most of the ride looking for good hills in the shade to do repeats on. […]

  • Lots of climbing stats

    Today was quite a combination of rides — hitting a new personal record of shortest distance to 5,000′ of vertical gain on the way into work and then hitting 5,000′ ft again in less than 30 miles on the way home from work. Both rides were pretty slow with lots of weaving on the steep […]

  • Tour de Tuscaloosa Power Data

    First, before the power data – here’s a video that my wife got of the Pro/1/2 criterium finish Saturday night where I got 5th in the race, 4th in the field sprint. And now for the data – first the summary data, splits, and HR/Power graph for the criterium and the road race. 2012 Tour […]

  • Tour de Tuscaloosa Road Race

    (You will want to watch this video below with the volume turned down – I love my fanatical wife! This is me winning the 2012 Alabama State Road Race Championships (Pro/1/2) today at the Tour de Tuscloosa) Quick thanks and shout out Thanks to all my teammates today. We ended up winning the state championship […]

  • Tour de Tuscaloosa Criterium

    Criterium race summary First criterium of the year – fast, strong field – happy with a top 5 finish. I went with a good break on the second or third lap, but I was outnumbered with some really good sprinters – I believe Andy Crater, Emile Abraham, and Frank Travieso were all in this break […]

  • Spring climbing

    After yesterday’s long climbs in Huntsville, today was a different style of climbing – numerous short, steep climbs. Check out the iBike gradient graph: Numerous climbs – click to enlarge and count the changes in gradient from up to down and then post in the comments how many “hills” there are. I don’t have time […]

  • Climbing to the moon

    Annotated ride map (click to enlarge) It’s spring break this week in Alabama, and so my good friend Lennie and I took our families up to Huntsville to the space and rocket center. While they were enjoying exploring all about space, Lennie and I drove on over to Keel Mountain to explore it and Green […]

  • It’s Sunday – a great day for two flats

    Well, this makes two weeks in a row of two flats on Sunday. Last week, two flats might have cost me a podium at Rouge Roubaix. This week, I had two flats on the way to church, but just like last week where thanks to a quick change from the motorcycle wheel support, it all […]

  • Shades Mountain and Red Mountain climbing

    Annotated view of the Big Momma (West Oxmoor Rd) climb Fun, hard ride today. I didn’t have any particular goal in mind other than steady tempo climbing for most of the ride and a KOM attempt on the West Oxmoor Rd climb (Big Momma). Big Momma is a moderately steep climb that starts out really […]

  • Rouge Roubaix heartrate data and topocreator maps

    Two more things to add to this year’s Rouge Roubaix race report: annotated heartrate data and topocreator maps (2D and 3D). Check them out below! Heart rate zone summary Annotated heartrate/speed/power curve (click to enlarge) 2D annotated topocreator map of the entire rouge roubaix course (click to enlarge) … or click here to download ultra […]