Cheaha Weekend Kickoff



Kristine is working this weekend in Anniston, and the kids both have sleepover tonight and tomorrow night – so that makes for the perfect getaway weekend for some training in the mountains of east Alabama. After class today, I headed on a climbing route along the Shades Mountain ridge northeast of Birmingham all the way out to Margaret before heading east over the Bald Rock ridge down to Pell City. AL-174 climbs over the Bald Rock ridge at Elbow Gap and on the smaller peak there is a radio tower access road that climbs up over 1200′ – I’ve seen it before, but never had a chance to do the climb until today. Nice gradual climb on paved double track rewarded with a beautiful view from the cliffs at the top. The first panorama below is the view. You can see the Bald Rock ridge on the left side of the picture, and you can also see the rain clouds moving in. It started to rain on me when I started my descent from the top.

View from the mountain tower summit on the bald rock ridge looking southwest with the rest of the ridge on the left
Panoramic view of Bald Rock Mountain from Margaret ridge


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