Race of the Falling Leaves



Great race today in Grant, Alabama. Chris Cundiff organized a race billed as “The Race of the Falling Leaves” in tribute of the race of the same name held today in Italy around Lake Komo. The race held up to its name as there were literally leaves falling as we raced three times up the mountain where the town of Grant is located. I ended up edging out Mike Olheiser in the final sprint to take the win. Here’s all the data!

Race of the falling leaves power map

Race of the falling leaves critical power curve

Race of the falling leaves data plot


3 responses to “Race of the Falling Leaves”

  1. Pat Allison Avatar

    That final sprint looks like my data when I’m fresh…lol. Im not sure how you put those kind of numbers out late in a RR. But I guess thats what it takes to beat olheiser up a hill. Very impressive though!

    1. Pat Allison Avatar

      Because I outweigh you by 40 lbs!

  2. kartoone Avatar

    Even with those power numbers, I’m sure Mike put out more power than me in the sprint. He came around and dropped me to start the sprint, but right where the road pitched up just a little bit more, there was a strong wind coming from the side. I was able to catch his draft and then slip by him at the end at 31mph … uphill!

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