2011 Six Gap Century




What a fun experience to ride the Six Gap Century 15 years after I first rode it in 1996. Fifteen years ago, there were about 200 riders assembled at the North Georgia College campus gymnasium to head out of town to tackle six mountains. On the very first climb, we rode from a sunny valley up into the fog and I still remember thinking maybe this is what it feels like to climb L’Alpe du Huez. Fifteen years later, yesterday, thousands of riders assembled at the North Lumpkin Co High School parking lot to tackle the same climbs. I’ll write up more about how the ride went yesterday and post a race report from the crit Saturday night later, but I wanted to go ahead and post all the data from the ride. As a quick summary, I ended up crossing the line together with Jimmy Schurman (Chemstar) in a few minutes over 5 hours after Mike Stone (Hincapie Devo) flatted on the Unicoi Gap descent taking him out of our three-man group established halfway up the first climb (Neels Gap). Click on each image below for a zoomed in view, all graphs are smoothed at 30 seconds from Golden Cheetah:

2011-09-25 Six Gap heart/rate power data


2011-09-25 Six Gap interval summary

2011-09-25 Annotated Six Gap power map

2011-09-25 Neels Gap power/heartrate data

2011-09-25 Jacks Gap power/heartrate data

2011-09-25 Unicoi Gap power/heartrate data

2011-09-25 Hogpen Gap power/heartrate data

2011-09-25 Wolfpen Gap power/heartrate data

2011-09-25 Woody Gap power/heartrate data


6 responses to “2011 Six Gap Century”

  1. Kristine Toone Avatar
    Kristine Toone

    Well done! Your kind of ride 🙂 Amazed you could ride it that fast without me cheering you on!

  2. D.G. Avatar

    Great seeing you at the crit on Saturday and congrats on an awesome ride after the Sat night crit. Do you think you would have gone a few minutes faster on fresh legs? Hard to imagine anyone going fasters, but your crit was pretty late, so it had to have some impact.

  3. Brad Mabry Avatar
    Brad Mabry

    @Kristine — he knew I was back there and didn’t want me to pass him…

  4. kartoone Avatar

    @Brad – yep! @Dave – for sure – definitely possible to break 5 hours on that ride with fresh legs, but Jimmy still would have dropped me on the Hogpen climb given that the wattage he was maintaining was about 50 watts above my threshold power. It just would have been closer to the top before he dropped me.

  5. jimmy Avatar

    Hey its cool seeing your power file for hogpen given our weight difference Im always curious to see what other guys have to put out. It was awesome riding with you, they didnt put me in the results despite me registering though! oh well…

    1. kartoone Avatar

      Yeah, that was definitely a fun ride. I saw that in the results that they had some of your chip times, but not the KOM times. Maybe you can send them a link to your ride file on Strava, and then they can insert you into the results based on my time and your time. Your Hogpen time looks like it was 1’22” faster than mine and then your Wolfpen time only 3″ slower than me. Based on that, they should be able to put you into the results. Good luck in New Zealand!

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