Month: August 2011

  • River Gorge Day 2 – Road Race

    The River Gorge road race is of course the highlight event of the weekend with the only summit finish of the year in the entire southeast racing calendar. Plus, throw in a tough climb up Sand Mountain early in the race, and this race really packs a punch for its 60 mile distance. Here is […]

  • River Gorge Day 1 – Time Trial and Criterium

    River Gorge Omnium Day 1 went pretty well. I really like the new format with the time trial first on Saturday morning followed by the crit late in the evening. The primary benefit is that everybody is fresh for the time trial and yet the short effort isn’t going to really drain you for any […]

  • Tuesday Worlds power map / Golden Cheetah question

    My schedule was freed up enough for me to ride the Tuesday Worlds ride tonight leaving from Bob’s Bikes. Great people, great ride, great training. Definitely makes for a very colorful power map thanks to Golden Cheetah (excellent software). I’ll write up more about Golden Cheetah when I have time, but I am wondering if […]

  • Crossroads Classic maps

    We just got back from a longer than expected trip that included 5 days of racing, 2 days of riding in the mountains, and one funeral (in Florence). One of the things I like about TopoCreator, which I am trying to rush into a real beta phase this week, is the ability to overlay a […]

  • Sassafras Mountain

    South Carolina mountains annotated My grandmother died on Saturday, and since we were already in South Carolina when we found out, we decided to stay here until the funeral on Wednesday. Today I went for a ride up Sassafras Mountain that brought back lots and lots of memories. The last time I did this ride […]

  • Day 5 – Crossroads Classic – Salisbury Circuit Race

    Race Summary 15th place (9th in field sprint). This placing was enough for me to take 11th overall for the 5 day omnium. My hopes for a top 5 were dashed after a poor road race yesterday. And today, I just missed making it into the top 10 by 3 points. Still, this was a […]

  • Day 4 – Crossroad Classic – High Rock Road Race

    Kristine got a good video of the sprint finish with a small break staying just off the front – High Rock Road Race – power/heartrate graph The power graph above summarizes the race pretty well – constant attacks, chasing, hoping missed break comes back, etc… 80 guys on narrow roads makes it tough to move […]

  • Day 3 – Crossroads Classic – Statesville Criterium

    Videos Here is the finishing sprint … Thomas Brown (Mountain Khakis) took it. I came in 9th. Here is Oneal Samuels (BMW/Litespeed) winning the $150 gambler’s prime with 1 lap to go. I came across the line leading the field just behind. Race Summary Nothing was getting away in this race … even a late […]

  • Day 2 – Crossroads Classic – Salisbury Criterium

    Kristine and the kids are here cheering me on for this race series, and Kristine got some good pics and videos from the race last night and the one on Wednesday night, too. The video below would have been taken last night around Lap 11 or 12 as our third chase group was getting established. […]

  • Day 1 – Crossroads Classic – Concord Criterium

    Race Summary This race was a new first for me … at just over 0.3 miles long, this is the shortest criterium course I have ever done. Despite the short distance, the course was safe with wide corners that you could carry your speed through. Turn 4 was the sharpest and most awkward corner that […]