Month: July 2011

  • Georgia Cycling Gran Prix Map

    One of the things I like about bike racing is getting to explore new areas. Up in the Tour of America’s Dairyland, I think I saw more of southeast Wisconsin in two weeks than Kristine did in her entire time growing up in northwest Wisconsin! I was staying at a friend’s house in Athens for […]

  • Bates Road Circuit Race (Day 5 – Georgia Cycling Gran Prix)

    HOT! Those three letters describe my day yesterday with the air conditioning in my car broken. Here are three temperature graphs from the day. Drive from Winterville, GA to Newton County outside of Covington, GA! The Newton County circuit race – the race had some good shade on half the course. The three and a […]

  • Social Circle Time Trial and Covington Criterium (Day 4 – Georgia Cycling Gran Prix)

    Power graph for the AM time trial. I think I need to steady up my effort a bit. Having ridden a few races now with my powertap wheels, a rough estimate of my LT (threshold) power is right around 300 watts, I thought I would aim for an average power for this short 10k effort […]

  • Oxford Hills Road Race (Day 3 – Georgia Cycling Gran Prix)

    Clearly, the hot conditions took its toll on everyone. I had to spend quite a bit of time in the EMT tent recovering with cold towels and drinks before I could make it back to my car! Here is the temperature graph from our race: Temperature graph for the oxford hills pro/1/2 road race The […]

  • Gwinnett Center Criterium (Day 2 – Georgia Cycling Gran Prix)

    Quick summary – my teammate Justin Bynum won the Cat 3 race from a four-man break. He looked strong all race! My race was cancelled due to a thunderstorm with nearly constant lightning. Also, I’ve posted pictures below from Justin’s race and from yesterday’s Road Atlanta race.

  • Road Atlanta (Day 1 – Georgia Cycling Gran Prix)

    Quick summary – 4th from a seven man break with 3 Team Type 1 riders, 2 Aerocat riders, Oneal Samuels (Litespeed), and me. The details – There were lots of attacks in the first few laps, but with everybody still fresh, the large field was able to bring back each move. I made it into […]

  • Huntsville Omnium Day 2

    Masters 35+ criterium Very small field led to a slow start as nobody wanted to be the first to attack. Then the organizers rang the bell for a $50 prime, and that got the ball rolling. Travis Werts (Sonic) took the prime with me just behind. We coalesced into a break of four, but the […]

  • Huntsville Omnium Day 1

    Pro/1/2 road race I wrote last night that I was hoping to report on more wins this weekend, and I am happy to report that my teammate Pat Allison took the Pro/1/2 road race win this morning. Quick summary of the race – Pat initiated the break by rolling off with Bryant Funston (Marx and […]

  • Huntsville Speedway Omnium

    One lap of the speedway – about 500 meters Strava ride map including warm-up on Green Mountain. Here is a link to all my data from the ride and race – Cool-down lap with Josiah Happy to write up a quick report that I won the Huntsville Speedway Omnium this evening to kick off […]

  • July training and racing

    Back from our long trip to Wisconsin to visit family and race the 2011 Tour of America’s Dairyland, we have settled into a really nice routine back here in Birmingham. In the mornings, Kristine goes for a run while I am still waking up and feeding the kids breakfast watching the live coverage of the […]