Volcan Telica, Nicaragua



Post ride covered in tiny bugs similar to gnats that dissolve and die on contact!

Fun ride today out over the small hump of the volcano ridge line near Volcan Telica. The bike rode beautifully except for the bottom bracket and cranks coming loose towards the end. I didn’t have a camera with me, but there were tons of visual images that I’ll recount stream of consciousness style here …

* Roads were nearly empty with it being a Sunday morning and so few people owning cars. Every 10-15 minutes, I would get passed by a loaded bus who would honk well in advance of passing as well as giving you plenty of space on the wide open road. There were a few cars in between, particularly closer into town.

* So many modes of transporation: people were walking, riding bikes, several people riding on the same bike, motorcycles, several people on the same motorcycle, people pushing motorcycles, horseback (raced one horse), horse-drawn carts, school buses (local buses), microbuses (small vans that travel larger distances non-stop), a few eighteen wheelers, a few cars, and one or two taxis.

* The volcano hillsides were so green (we usually visit in the dry season, but it is the middle of the rainy season right now — speaking of which, it is thunderstorming right now as I write this)

* Steam and possibly ash coming from Volcan Telica made for quite a sight

* Porcupine, skunk, rabbit, and snake caution signs … gotta watch out for those rabbits!

* “Hasta America?” – I was asked by one person waiting for a bus …

Here is the Strava map and a link to the complete Strava data: http://app.strava.com/rides/680069
Strava map showing my route betwen the volcanoes

Chocolate milk in a bag – the perfect recovery drink


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