400 mile week, Strava online competition, a fun look back at old milestones



401 miles this week with 37,373 feet of climbing!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to ride today with the winter storm warning, but the system wasn’t moving in until later in the day. So I rode 45 miles on the way to church with almost 6,000 feet of climbing. Then after church I did a shorter 30 mile ride to take me over the 400 mile mark for the week (measured from Monday to Sunday). Check out the rides below (and temps – almost felt like Wisconsin!)

Commute from home to Clearwater via Vestavia Dr, Hugh Daniel, Double Oak Way (Or download the huge version

Temperature graph for commute from home to Clearwater

Commute from Clearwater Community Church to home (Or download the huge version

Temperature graph for commute from church to home

401 miles is the most I have ridden in one week since my college days in the 90’s… back then, though, I did 400+ mile weeks once or twice a year and even hit 500 miles one week. I usually was way overtrained, though, and had pretty miserable racing results. To avoid that happening again, I’m following up this nice long week of riding with Monday and Tuesday completely off the bike (especially since we are under a winter storm and ice storm warning until Monday night).

I also entered a free online KOM competition for 2011 from Strava. Currently, I’m in second place!

2011 KOM Challenge on Strava. Barring injury, I’m hoping to win this.

And lastly, since 401 miles in one week is a new milestone (post-college), I found a few pictures I had taken of previous milestones in the past few years. 10,000 miles in one year for 2006 after training for and competing in Ironman Florida in November. 300 miles in one week in the middle of June of that year. The other stats for that week are also included. It was much easier back then – I had a bike computer that tracked time, speed, distance, and temperature. I would reset it once a week on Monday morning and accumulate a week’s worth of stats over the course of a week. Now it’s GPS systems and detailed individual ride analysis including power, heartrate, cadence, etc…

10,000 miles in one year – December 31, 2006

300 miles in one week – June 2006

300 miles in one week – total training time – June 2006

300 miles in one week – June 2006 – average speed for the week

300 miles in one week – June 2006 – maximum speed 53.1mph


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