2010 Racing season through Presbyterian Invitational

Been traveling a lot this season … just over 12,000 miles to be exact! Check out the map of all the places we have driven with one flight shown as well from Birmingham to Baltimore.

2010 racing season travels through Presbyterian Invitational (Aug 7)

Plus, 305 different commutes/commute routes on my bike totaling 5,000 miles in the Birmingham metropolitan area…

2 thoughts on “2010 Racing season through Presbyterian Invitational

  1. Kristine Toone

    Oh. My. Goodness. No wonder I am tired of traveling. Good thing you’ve saved the car 5,000 miles by commuting to work by bike 🙂

  2. jim e

    It was So nice seeing you both tonight. I remember the day I met your wonderful wife. She is the the one that interpreted what I witnessed on that day.You beat Mike Olheiser and a BMC pro in that Victory!


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