Month: December 2009

  • Awesome mountain bike ride Shell Lake to Rice Lake

    Kristine had errands to run in Rice Lake (about 20 miles away), and we wanted to take the kids ice skating – so we worked it out for me to bike down there on some nice backroads for a good 32 mile ride. It was COLD. The air temps were in the lower teens, but…

  • Cold roller ridin’

    The high temperature today was at midnight this morning. The temperature dropped throughout the day until it was just over 10 degrees by the time I started a two hour ride on the rollers outside on the back porch. By the end of the ride, the temp was down to 3 degrees. [youtube=]

  • More winter “riding”

    Mega snowstorm or not – I’m going to ride and enjoy the snow at the same time! [youtube=]

  • Winter road riding before the big storm

    I went for a 52 mile road bike ride today up here in northwestern Wisconsin – figured it would be my only chance before we leave to head home on Tuesday since there is a winter storm being compared to a storm from 1991 that is supposed to hit us tonight, tomorrow, and Christmas day…

  • Cycling in the northwoods, part ii

    Here are pics and a topocreator map from today’s ride.

  • Cycling in the winter northland

    The BBL season is coming along nicely, although we have had some weather issues which delayed our first ride with points available until this past Saturday. After getting back from 82 miles of riding in the morning, we packed up the car to drive over 1100 miles from Birmingham to Shell Lake, Wisconsin. We left…

  • Blast from the past

    My wife was getting ready for a garage sale this Saturday when she found these two posters that I saved from my college racing days at Clemson University. I was a big follower of the principles laid out in Eddie Borysewicz’s book “Bicycle Road Racing”. One of the things that he recommends doing at the…