Racing in the Northeast at the Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic



1300 miles of driving through 9 states and we have finally made it to Fitchburg, MA. We swung up through Nashville to pick up a U-Haul trailer and load it up with not one, not two, but about 30 bikes for all the juniors, pros, masters, etc. riding for Tri-Star. Check out our travel map:

Birmingham to Fitchburg 2008

After we pulled into the dorms at Fitchburg State College, we unloaded the bikes and took off up the road to find the TT course. We found it and had a chance to take a look at the course with some nasty potholes and cracks. The course is mostly uphill for the first 5 miles and then mostly downhill for the last mile. My start time tomorrow is 5:38 PM. Plenty of time to hit up a coffee shop in the morning to check email and get caught up on some work. There’s so much I could write about our trip up, from the beautiful mountains to how crazy it is to drive a GMC suburban pulling a very large and heavy U-Haul trailer for 1300 miles – but instead I’ll just describe one experience which was a highlight for me so far. We had just crossed a large river (the Hudson, maybe?) shortly after entering New York state from Pennsylvania and we needed to stop for something to eat for lunch. I was driving and I saw an exit with a couple of options and pulled over. We ended up at the Hometown Deli and it definitely had the atmosphere of a very authentic New York deli — lots of options with Boar’s Head meat and a buffet spread that had things on it that I feel like the locals would have recognized, but I had no idea what they were. The people there were actually nice, but we must have sounded funny with our Southern accents. I settled on “stuffed shells”, and they were very good. Ok, that’s it for tonight. I am off to bed! No wireless here in my room so I’ll have to post this in the morning from a coffee shop.


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