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  • 2015 Rapha Festive 500

    Post-ride 12/24 back at the house to kick off the Festive 500 with a fast century before Christmas Eve service. Mid-ride ice beard today 12/28 finishing out the Festive 500 with a 79 miler on the mtb and fat bike. Today, I finished up the Rapha Festive 500 challenge to ride 500k (310 miles) between […]

  • Wisconsin wrap-up

    Long ice beard in Weyerhauser with Blue Hills I had just ridden through in the background. The beard is frozen breath, whereas the mustache is frozen snot (I had nasal congestion issues all week). Kristine caught up to me near the very end of the ride and got this pic as we were pulling into […]

  • Frozen lake adventures and snow bike sledding

    Yesterday was our last day at the cabin, so Kristine, Papa Dale, and the kids went for one last ski/skate on the lake. They were following a huge eagle around the lake, and I got pictures of his footprints later when I went out to check out the ice fishing with Kristine. I was planning […]

  • Markville via lots of snowy roads and snowmobile trails

    This was my longest and fastest ride so far this year up in Wisconsin. It needed to be fast because I got a late start after sleeping in a bit and then having fun out on the frozen lake with Josiah ice/snow astronaut skating and Analise snow skiing. After warming up a bit, I left […]

  • Quick ride report, pics, and videos – Heartwood

    Yesterday’s ride from Shell Lake to Heartwood was much colder than I anticipated mainly because of the constant light snowfall that combined with salted county roads meant wet, cold, cold, cold feet. Fortunately, I had a chemical warmer pack and was able to put that into my shoe about halfway through the ride. Unfortunately, I […]

  • 18,000 miles for 2011

    Today was my last ride for 2011, and it just so happened to take me over the 18,000 mile mark for the year. I had originally thought I was going to be short of 18,000 miles, but I noticed after my ride on Monday that I was reasonably close to try and make it there […]

  • 83 miles of epic snow biking

    Another amazing day of riding up here. This time I braved the snow-covered roads leaving the Telemark resort having gained confidence riding in the snow yesterday for a mile or so. It was well worth it to be in such a remote location on winding, hilly, beautiful roads and trails that pretty much paralleled the […]

  • Adventures riding in the cold northland

    Wisconsin Divide, a set on Flickr. We had an inch and a half of new snow last night so today’s ride was again on the mountain bike. The snow is perfect depth and texture for good riding as I discovered today since the road to the ski resort was completely covered all the way back […]

  • 2011 Tour of America’s Dairyland Summary

    What a great race series the 2011 Tour of America’s Dairyland was. I’m already looking forward to next year. This year featured 9 criteriums, 1 road race, and 1 time trial. The criteriums were a mix of hilly technical courses and flat, fast courses. This was my first time to race more than six days […]

  • Madison Criterium – Tour of America’s Dairyland – Day 11

    Strava map of the Madison Criterium course – 2011 Tour of America’s Dairyland Mmmmm – chocolate milk at the finish in front of the capitol after 11 days of racing This was a great way to end up the 2011 Tour of America’s Dairyland. I put the course map first because it highlights the unique […]