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  • Garmin Edge 520

    “Turtles all the way down” – Garmin Edge 520, Edge 800, Edge 1000. I only gave it one ride, but the new Garmin Edge 520 is running the latest Garmin firmware design, which includes an absolutely ridiculous elevation filter. That’s disappointing, because this small GPS unit has such great potential. I wanted it to be […]

  • Garmin 1000 and Windows Phone Tracking

    I started this post a while ago earlier this summer, and it looks like I finished it but never hit post. Oh well! I’m posting it now rather than deleting the draft. After several extra months of riding, my assessment of the Garmin 1000 hasn’t changed, except that I am even more impressed with its […]

  • Chased by the satellites

    Fast downhill turnsin Mountain Brook One of the fastest decelerationspots in town Yesterday I put my race wheels on my bike to get ready for the River Gorge races this weekend. I have a hard time getting a wheel speed magnet to stay on my front race wheel, so most of the time I run […]