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  • Oak Ass 100 Miles of Awesome

    Kyle Taylor and I at the Ada Overlook to show my hometown on our Friday pre-ride just before running into Ty Magner. (click to enlarge) Last year I was very sentimental after winning the inaugural Oak Ass 100 mile mountain bike race at the place where it all started. 25 years earlier, me and my […]

  • It’s Sunday – a great day for two flats

    Well, this makes two weeks in a row of two flats on Sunday. Last week, two flats might have cost me a podium at Rouge Roubaix. This week, I had two flats on the way to church, but just like last week where thanks to a quick change from the motorcycle wheel support, it all […]

  • Dick’s to the Rescue

    The weather forecast called for a cold rain pretty much all day today back here in Birmingham. But as I was working from home, I noticed a huge gap in the rain clouds on the radar. So I decided to go for the 60 mile climbing ride that I’ve been wanting to do after the […]