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  • Athens Twilight and Roswell Criterium race reports

    Last night when we finally made it back to Birmingham, I couldn’t sleep so I went ahead and analyzed and posted my power and heartrate data. Here are my race reports: 2011 Athens Twilight Summary Pat Allison and I were the two Tria riders in the race. Pat started at the back of the front […]

  • Athens, Roswell power and lap data

    I am too tired to write up my race report tonight, but I wanted to go ahead and upload my power and heartrate data. I’ll be working on a full race report tomorrow! Athens Twilight heartrate summary Roswell Criterium heartrate summary 2011 Athens Twilight heartrate data 2011 Roswell Criterium heartrate data I had crashes in […]

  • Last tornado pics (Vestavia) plus Athens Twilight prep

    We drove over to Athens yesterday for the Twilight crit tonight. Before we left, I biked a different route through Vestavia on my way back from school. So many people there are still without power, and the pic below is one of the reasons why. It does confirm though the general direction I think the […]