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TNGA 2019

finish line exhausted Timer selife at the finish line – second try as I wasn’t quick enough to get back over and sit down the first time.

Let’s start at the very end at the Alabama border where the Silver Comet becomes the Chief Ladiga trail if you are heading west, or vice versa if you are heading east. It’s a special place. I’ve ridden through that spot about twenty times, but those twenty times have each been so epic that it feels like I’ve been through there hundreds of times instead of just 20. Here is the top 5 epic rides through that spot sorted by suffer score which combines heartrate and time to determine how much you suffered:

Date Title and Blog Distance Climbing Suffer score
2016/03/25 Birmingham to Clemson and Back (paris-brest-paris distance) 756 mi 58K ft 746
2019/08/19 TNGA 2019 363 mi 43K ft 661
2014/04/04 Heart of the South 500 517 mi 36K ft 630
2018/08/18 TNGA 2018 364.3 mi 43.5K ft 623
2019/04/05 Skyway Epic 2019 303 mi 31K ft 312

Also, even though it was only mid pack in terms of suffer score, one of the most off-the-wall rides I’ve done through there was when I rode from my house to the Camp Sumatanga training race, did the race, and then rode the rest of the way to Atlanta to meet the family there for a Packers play-off game the next day. 233 miles, 9K climbing, 260 suffer score.

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