Month: January 2015

  • The Inaugural Birmingham Baker’s Dozen

    Eddie Fryer and a host of volunteers put on an amazing event today as a fund-raiser for the Alabama NICA high school cycling league. I helped scout out the route with Mark Fisher, and it turned out to be pretty much perfect for this type of event. Below, I’ve linked to all the videos I […]

  • Birmingham Baker’s Dozen – potential climbs

    We’re currently investigating a potential route for the Birmingham Baker’s Dozen. This route is looking more and more like the final route so I went ahead and created the map and stats for all the climbs. We explored this route on Sunday, and I made youtube videos of all the climbs. Lots of random conservations […]

  • 2014 Season Summary

    An epic season I’ve been on many rides and raced in many races I’d classify as “epic”, but this is probably the first season I’d classify as “epic”. Lots of epic rides and races, but also one epic crash completely changed the course of my season. I’m super thankful to be able to write this […]