Month: September 2012

  • Video bonanza

    I’ve just inherited an iphone 3gs with video recording capability. And I’ve been documenting some of the climbs around Birmingham, but up until this afternoon I hadn’t figured out how to do any of the fast descents with the camera because I needed to use both hands to brake. I realized if I mashed the […]

  • Long ride today working over the South Shades Crest ridge line

    Fun ride today – much longer than I had planned – ended up being just under 102 miles with over 12,000 ft of climbing. I wanted to put in some hard efforts, so I put in a few KOM efforts. Ironically, the one I wanted most I completely missed (i.e., I rode up the wrong […]

  • Pensacola Cycling Classic – Day 2 – Criterium and Overall

    Josiah in the middle of the large kids field. I’m talking to the promoter in the background about ideas to encourage racers to register earlier for the race — getting ready to follow behind the kids who were very excited to do an entire lap of the course! Analise in the pink skirt had a […]

  • Pensacola Cycling Classic Day 1 – Time Trial

    Another tough race this evening – I was pleased with my heartrate data, but I don’t think my time was fast enough to hold onto 4th place after Jan Kolar put in a strong time to beat me. Still, it was fun – especially since the race went a couple miles into the part of […]

  • Pensacola Cycling Classic Day 1 – Road Race

    Quick summary – really tough race with attacks from the gun. I ended up initiating the race winning break about halfway through the first of three 25 mile laps coming across the top of the largest hill on the course. Initially, there were seven of us, but on that same hill 25 miles later on […]

  • Cycling beach trip

    We made the four hour drive today down to Pensacola Beach, Florida for my last stage race of the year this weekend. This was a great race last year, and I’m looking forward to the road race tomorrow morning and the criterium on Sunday. I’m not looking forward to the time trial, but it should […]

  • Fool’s Gold HR data and Videos

    Saturday’s mountain bike race in Dahlonega, GA was definitely an epic adventure. I forgot to post my heartrate data, so I’ve added another post with my heartrate zone summary and heartrate vs elevation plot. Also, Thom Parsons posted an amazing highlight video on and a two-part interview with me after the race. Thanks Thom! […]

  • Fool’s Gold 2012 MTB race

    Quick summary Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale) took the win (also wrapping up the title for the 2012 NUE series), followed by Ben Swanepoel (Squirt Lube) in 2nd, and Christian Tanguy (Team CF) in 3rd. But before all that, I snuck away on the Cooper Gap climb to try to get the Strava KOM with Swanepoel catching […]

  • Labor Day Omnium Day 3 – Anderson Civic Center Circuit Race

    This is the same course as the NRC race that I almost won last year. Read my detailed race report from last year. I was definitely hoping to make the podium this year, but the race played out much differently since the race was much shorter. We did 25 laps of the 2.7 mile course […]

  • Labor Day Omnium Day 2 – Civic Center Criterium

    Summary This was a new course using some of the same roads that were part of the circuit race last year. The course was fast with plenty of opportunities for attack. I thought I was racing well, but ended up missing a split with 18 riders up the road. In the last few laps, 3 […]