Month: February 2011

  • Racing, riding, and climbing

    Racing – Southern Cross Ultra-endurance Cyclocross 2011 You could not pick a more perfect setting for any kind of bike race than Dahlonega, Georgia. Nestled right at the base of the North Georgia mountains is the home of the Six Gap Century, tons of climbing, and for the third year in a row – the […]

  • GSMR Training Race #1

    Excellent weather yesterday for our first team race of the year. About 20-25 guys lined up for the Category A race with our squad represented by me, Pat Allison, Chris Allison, Stuart Lamp, Mike Lackey, and Timo Stark. Other strong teams included Velocity Pro Cycles led by Ed Whitehorn and Preston Beasley; Bob’s Bikes/Alabama Masters […]

  • One last monster and a summary of all eight

    On my way to the BBL this morning, I had just enough time to head up one last monster – Vesclub to Vestavia Dr. This is also very close to my house with the start of it less than two miles away. My apologies to the BBL folks as I was running about 5 minutes […]

  • The Birmingham Monsters, addendum

    When I was exploring the Birmingham Monsters on Wednesday, I knew that I didn’t really have time to go out and hit up my favorite monster in Birmingham – Double Oak Way. So today the opportunity came up to ride out that way and report on the stats of three more monsters and one more […]

  • The Birmingham Monsters (aka 20 percenters)

    Jacob Tubbs sent me a link yesterday to a climb near Trento, Italy called the Scanuppia – Malga Palazzo which averages 17% for nearly 5 miles with maximum pitches of close to 45%. Yesterday, I went out to find the steepest climbs in Birmingham for comparison purposes. I think we will call it the Scanuppia […]