Month: March 2010

  • Tour de Tuscaloosa Race Report

    Again this year just like the past years, a lot of strong riders made the drive over to Tuscaloosa to be a part of the great early season racing action at the Tour de Tuscaloosa. I was amazed Saturday night at how many strong teams were there. Krystal, Locos, Herring Gas, Texas Roadhouse, Sonic and […]

  • Union City Georgia Cup Race Report

    Saturday – Union City Mall Criterium Terry Duran and I drove over together in the afternoon with us getting there in plenty of time before the 6:30PM start. Jacob, Sammy, Philip, and Timo raced the combined Cat 3s masters race right before ours. Two riders got away late, and they just barely held on with […]

  • Guntersville Training Race

    Small turnout today with the cold and rain, but at the last minute a Velocity rider rolled to the line to make 10 riders for the A race. We had three riders – me, Sammy, and Phillip. Moontoast/Tristar had two riders (Travis and Mike Lanham). Velocity had three riders, and then there were two independent […]

  • Rouge Roubaix 2010 Race Report

    Epic. Yes, that word may be overused by me and many people. But, that’s the only word to sum up Rouge Roubaix. What an experience! My teammate Lennie and I drove down from Birmingham, Alabama to Zachary, Louisiana – the nearest town to the start in St Francisville with hotel rooms still available – but […]

  • Rouge Roubaix tomorrow

    I am in the midst of last minute preparations for the first big race of the season tomorrow – Rouge Roubaix. Lennie and I are going to drive down together to spend the night in the closest town with a hotel with rooms still available (Best Western, Zachary, Louisiana). I just looked at the list […]

  • GSMR Camp Sumataunga Training Race #2

    Here is a tale of two teams and two training camps culminating in the second race of the annual Camp Sumataunga training series put on by GSMR. Travis Sherman and his Moontoast/ cycling team held their spring training camp in Birmingham this weekend as did we at the Tria Cycling / DonohooAuto / Infinity Med-i-spa […]