Month: January 2010

  • new feature

    New tool for converting TCX files to HRM files For this post, I just want to introduce a new feature of my website,, which enables you to convert a TCX file into an HRM file. I am a huge fan of the Polar ProTrainer software. The graphs are easy to read, and the […]

  • BBL 1/23/10 – Power / heartrate data

    Attack Zone #1 – Camp Winnie – 3rd place Excellent BBL – lots of power and heartrate data in this blog! Read all about it…

  • Double Oak Climbing

    Beautiful weather today. I felt absolutely great on the bike and decided to push it hard on a familiar route that I did in the reverse direction to hit up some classic climbs in the Birmingham area. I’ve created a topographic map of the route annotated with the climbs labeled. My favorite part of […]

  • Vestavia/Bluff Park Ice Ride

    We have had a record-breaking cold spell here in Alabama and everything is frozen over. Today it was a bit warmer, and tomorrow it may hit 50 so I thought I would take some pictures on my ride today of the once every 20 years icy scenes. Ton of climbing on the ride to get […]

  • Three icy rides

    We just wrapped up our annual Christmas trip to the upper midwest, and I finished it up with the three icy rides below: Shell Lake Lake Ride Air temp: -10F (10 below zero) Distance: 7.8 miles (it was cold!!!) This was my last ride in northwestern wisconsin, and it was also my last chance to […]