Month: August 2009

  • GCGP Summer Finale Report

    While most of the team headed up to River Gorge for the BMW Omnium, I headed over to Atlanta, Georgia to try to retake the lead in the Georgia Cycling Gran Prix series. Alas, I fought hard, but it wasn’t to be. Still with another podium finish in yesterday’s road race, I am happy to […]

  • Meridian-Cuba Challenge

    That’s Meridian, Mississippi and Cuba, Alabama just to clarify. We had a great team race and ended up winning just about all the Cat 3 Bonuses thanks to a strong performance by Mike Lackey, who even managed a strong 6th place finish in the road race in the combined 1/2/3 field. My team worked hard […]

  • Tour of Elk Grove Wrap-up

    Not the greatest of performances this weekend, but I was definitely racing out of my league in an elite field of professional cyclists. Also, I think the 6500 miles of driving has caught up to me. Today’s race started out OK as I was near the front and everything was smooth. But then a break […]

  • Tour of Elk Grove Stage 2 Road Race

    Technical course, strong wind, light drizzle, and a very fast race made for some tough racing. Unfortunately, I still ran out of gas with two laps to go and then came off the group with half a lap to go after fighting hard all race to stay as close to the front as possible. I […]

  • Georgia Cycling Grand Prix Update

    One of the things that I am happiest about this season has been my performance in the Georgia Cycling Grand Prix. Here is a screenshot of the current standings … while it is fun to be at the top of a list with so many professional riders, the reason is that the pros only did […]